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About Top For Pet

The Top For Pet is a reference website designed to assist you in making a more educated choice when purchasing cat food. It was founded in 2022, based on the same tenets as its parent site, The Dog Food Advisor. Our mission is to provide guidance and support to all of our pet parents.

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The Top For Pet is an informational website that provides information on cat food for pet owners. When they’re ready, pet owners should choose the ideal food for their cats.

In the same way as The Dog Food Advisor, founded by Dr Mike Sagman in 2008, this website is based on the same honesty and objectivity.

We are a professional team of authors, editors, veterinarian nutritionists, and consultants, as well as active cat parents.

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It’s all about the science

The Top For Pet’s approach to evaluating cat food is all about understanding the formula label and its nutritional content. She recommends that you look at ingredients, calories, and any particular dietary constraints before making a purchase.

After all, how can any cat food be better than the ingredients it’s made from?

Let’s talk about the science to assist cat parents understand what’s in the cat food before they purchase it.

For additional details about how we review cat food, please see the FAQ section.

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Reviews you can trust

All of the reviews and recommendations created by The Top For Pet are independent.

We’re unable to approach pet food companies and request any product evaluations.

However, we may receive a commission from retailers or dog food producers when readers click through from our websites. This fee supports our work and ensures free access to our valuable content. For any further information, please visit our Disclosure & Disclaimer webpage.

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One of the valuable services we provide is to keep our customers informed about any cat food recalls. Read about previous recalls and sign up for our free newsletter to get future warnings here. We’ll also notify you about any other productive pet food news, as well as any discount coupons or discounts.

Thanks so much for your support.The Top For Pet Team

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The Top For Pet is an online reference website designed to provide cat parents with the information they need to select the finest food for their cats. In 2023, The Top For Pet was established on the same principles of honesty and objectivity as its parent website, The Dog Food Advisor.

The following is an excerpt from the

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