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AMOSIJOY 172GPH Canister Filter, Ultra-Quiet External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums (172GPH)



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  • Amosijoy Canister Filter:AMOSIJOY external aquarium filter runs at 172GPH(650L/H), wattage is 8w, dimension is 12.2’’×7.9’’× 6.1’’. It is recommended for 30 gallon freshwater fish tanks, turtle tank and aquariums.
  • Lift-draw Style Vent Valve & Flow Regulating Handle:After power up, drain the air out of the pump and supply water for the pump by lifting the lift-draw style vent valve, and then the filter will enter proper working condition without the need of additional water adding. By controlling the top water flow regulating handle, the water flow could be adjusted from maximum to minimum, even to zero.
  • Ultra-quiet Operation: With built-in motor in the lid of the canister filter, the filter runs ultra quietly. Low wattage and high flow without air inside the filter, generates no noise. The sound is ≤ 30db, your family life will not be affected, at the same time achieving water purifying effect.
  • Filter Basket: Amosijoy 172GPH external canister filter has one layer of media basket, in which different kinds of filter materials can be placed to purify the water, ensuring the water quality of the living environment for aquatic life. You can add some other filter media depending on your needs. Complimentary bio balls, ceramic bio balls speed up decomposing the fish feces, avoiding frequent change of cotton filter.

Specification: AMOSIJOY 172GPH Canister Filter, Ultra-Quiet External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums (172GPH)

Item Weight

7.56 pounds



Date First Available

August 19, 2021

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

12.13 x 10.16 x 7.8 inches

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5 reviews for AMOSIJOY 172GPH Canister Filter, Ultra-Quiet External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums (172GPH)

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  1. Cristi P.

    It’s and okay filtration. I have a 75 gallon aquarium as well as a 55 gallon aquarium. I bought the $85 filter for the 75 gallon which was adequate for the GPH.. the suction is not that great but they said you need a second filter for that size aquarium anyway. So I bought a second filtration for the 75 gallon I’m just not that happy with the suction that it provides. It keeps the tank maintained but it still does not suck up as much as I would expect it to..
    Now I bought the next size down, smaller filter, for the 55 gallon which was adequate or the GPH, for my goldfish tank. Instead of being able to clean the filter once a month, like the bigger size.. I’m having to clean it once a week! There’s not that many baskets for your media, there’s only two! Whereas the bigger size up, the $85, has four baskets for your media! I would not recommend getting the smaller one.. it’s just not that sufficient and it adds extra work and it’s a hassle.
    Another point that may not be neither here nor there because it’s really stuck out to me with these two products being the same but different sizes.. I don’t like how funk from the tank gets caught up in the outflow tube. So when I go to clean the filter and I come back to connect everything and get it going again, funk from the tubes spits out of the outflow back into the tank. It kind of looks like possibly algae or slime?? I’ve never had a filter do that before so not quite sure what’s happening there just wanted to note it. I will get it figured out. And I can come back and give an update.
    My suggestion would be do not waste your time for anything less than the $85 filter. But you’re definitely going to need a second filter if your tank is 55 gallon or above. The suction is just not strong enough.

    One last thing! I received the first $85 filtration system and the cover for the UV light was broken in the shipping. They sent me a replacement out quickly… I just wanted to know that I looked for a replacement cover for that UV light. (It’s a quartz glass cover that had broke.) It is worth noting that the cover costed anywhere from the amount the filtration system cost me and above. So what you get is great for the price, but you will need a second hang off, filtration.

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  2. Cristi P.

    Turtles are gross. This filter keeps the water clear and clean. Great quality pump and perfect for my needs.

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  3. MRscorp69

    My 40 gallon aquarium became a headache to clean and keep it clean, no matter what I did the water was never clear. Once I installed this 3 stages filter, it took 24 running the UV light and 2 days later my water is crystal clear. The installation was super easy. My aquarium has happy fish and no obstructions with bulky filters. It is now a piece of art in my dining room.

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  4. Southern Grit

    I had to wait for my preferred brand to ship so I picked this up with next day shipping to help clear up aquariums that were being moved. I was curious how good it might be. Seller descriptions from China are a joke, and this was no exception. The part that really stood out was “quiet brushless motor “, and the exact same motor design as powerhead and most canister filters, hang on filters have been using for over 30 years.
    Things I liked: filter stages are easy to load and unload. The filter is mostly made of pretty durable ABS plastic. The hose shutoff valves and release seem to work well. The built in handle pockets make the unit easy to carry for cleaning.
    Things I didn’t like: filter stage baskets feel flimsy, I’ll need to be careful. Three of four hose clamp collets were on backward (probably would have still worked fine, just points to QA). Vinyl hose is thin, so crimped from shipping (hot water helps to relax them). The silicone O rings are poorly moulded but seem to be sealing. On/off switch has already failed (broke in the on position, unplugging works fine). Media was a bit random and not placed in the correct order for operation.

    Overall it seems decent, but I think still priced high for the quality. I did use a quality silicone lube specifically for seals on all the o rings and other seals and it always helps. If you invest time, money, and yourself into an aquarium I’d say get a known good brand. Need something that does the basics on the cheap this seems adequate.

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  5. Max Adventure

    Purchase this filter system in November 2022.The prime pump handle disintegrated into pieces in February, just days after the return window closed. One month later March 2023, the machine is no longer producing clear water. I have a bacteria outbreak as a result of this. All new media was used in the last cleaning process, and the system was washed as directed as usual. Did not stop it from having particles and algae blooms producing from the filtration system itself. Three just assemblies and three re-assemblies and cleanings and replacement of medias. Again, I finally get it to produce clear water. as time is going on, and these repeated cleanings that had to take place, the machine is physically, wearing fast cracks are developing on the fasteners, and the prime pump is further disintegrating with the post reducing down to a nub. April 2023. I woke one morning in my bedroom to find the laminate wood flooring bubbled all the way across the floor. I immediately assumed it was a exterior underground leak from the sprinkler system outside, but I was wrong. As I entered my dining area, I noticed the fish tank was down about 3 inches in water. That’s right this piece of crap destructive machinery that wasted my $140 plus all the extra media I had to spend out for when it started to malfunction and not properly filter. The system, has now incurred the cost of replacing my bedroom flooring, not to mention the wall between the dining room, and the bedroom . The canister was leaking from the seal line all the way around the top of the canister with water coming out from the prime post area primarily. So I believe the water is leaking out of the pot, prime post down into the top of the canister where the motor is and just leaking out the sides down through the latch locks . So 4 inches of water in a 55 gallon tank that math I don’t know how to do to estimate how many gallons came out that I would I would guesstimate at least 10 to 15 gallons of water. The return window has closed in January and I am simply going to cut my losses and move onto a different brand. Amosijoy has lost my confidence as a consumer looking for a reliable product. A properly working filtration system is one thing I seek, but any further problems in my life such as thousands of dollars of floor and wall repairs is unacceptable . I will never buy another product of theirs, and I highly advise anyone seeking for filtration products to overlook this brand and to move on to other reputable sources.

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    AMOSIJOY 172GPH Canister Filter, Ultra-Quiet External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums (172GPH)
    AMOSIJOY 172GPH Canister Filter, Ultra-Quiet External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums (172GPH)


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