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AMOSIJOY 225GPH Ultra-Quiet Canister Filter, 2-Stage External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums



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  • 【AMOSIJOY CANISTER FILTER】AMOSIJOY external aquarium filter runs at 225GPH(850L/H), wattage is 9w, dimension is 14.2’’×10’’×8’’. It is recommended for 55 gallon freshwater fish tanks, turtle tank and aquariums.
  • 【LIFT-DRAW STYLE VENT VALVE & FLOW REGULATING HANDLE】After power up, drain the air out of the pump and supply water for the pump by lifting the lift-draw style vent valve, and then the filter will enter proper working condition without the need of additional water adding. By controlling the top water flow regulating handle, the water flow could be adjusted from maximum to minimum, even to zero.
  • 【ULTRA-QUIET OPERATION】With built-in motor in the lid of the canister filter, the filter runs ultra quietly. Low wattage and high flow without air inside the filter, generates no noise. The sound is ≤ 30db, your family life will not be affected, at the same time achieving water purifying effect.
  • 【TWO LAYERS of FILTER BASKET】AMOSIJOY 225GPH external canister filter has two layers of media basket, in which different kinds of filter materials can be placed to purify the water, ensuring the water quality of the living environment for aquatic life. You can add some other filter media depending on your needs. Complimentary bio balls, ceramic bio balls speed up decomposing the fish feces, avoiding frequent change of cotton filter.

Specification: AMOSIJOY 225GPH Ultra-Quiet Canister Filter, 2-Stage External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums

Package Dimensions

14.45 x 10.12 x 7.8 inches, 8.64 Pounds

Date First Available

September 7, 2021



5 reviews for AMOSIJOY 225GPH Ultra-Quiet Canister Filter, 2-Stage External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Kindle Customer

    Packaged well, the manual pump to fill is a bit of a pain. Quick tip, pull the top of the filter off and fill the canister to the top. This helps reduce manually pumping time. Biggest concern was the kinked tubing. To eliminate this issue place the kinked tubing into boiling water to help the tube spring back into shape.

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  2. Stephanie

    I was really excited to find a small, inexpensive canister filter to use in my terrarium. Cleaning and maintenance is so much easier with an external filter, but HOB filters don’t work for low water level tanks. After a few days of frustration and some modifications, this works great. I would have given 4 stars if it worked this way out of the box (see below for why it wouldn’t be 5 stars). I bought it for a low water level tank, which the product description says it can do. There were a couple of issues with this: (1) the intake tube comes in several pieces. Most of them have rubber O-rings at the connection points, but the top connection (closest to the filter) does not. This means that if this connection is above the water line, it will suck in air, causing the filter to make a lot of noise and eventually stop pumping water. This connection is only about 1.5 inches below the rim of the tank, so unless your tank is filled up to the very top, it will suck air. I expect this is the source of noise that a number of reviewers complained about. I fixed this by running a bead of aquarium-safe silicone around the end of the tube before connecting it. Once fully cured, it was air tight, although it’s now permanently connected. (2) The second problem is with the length of the intake tube. Using all the pieces, including the piece with the skimmer attached, it’s about 18 inches long – which is what I needed to reach the bottom of my tank. Unfortunately, the skimmer is not air-tight, so if it’s above the water line the pump can’t achieve enough vacuum to pump any water at all. There is no way to re-order the intake tube pieces to put the skimmer toward the bottom. So the skimmer can’t be used for a low-level tank. But without it, the intake wasn’t long enough for my tank. I fixed this by replacing the skimmer segment of the intake tube with a piece of half-inch ID black rubber tubing. It means the intake is somewhat flexible, but that was ok with me.

    Some other design issues: (1) the valves to control water flow do not close completely, so if you want to stop the flow of water completely, you need to unplug the filter. It needs to be primed each time the power stops, but once I fixed the intake tube issues noted above, priming is pretty each. I place my finger over the outlet tube (make sure you’ve filled the cannister with water first), then plug it in. After about 15 seconds, I remove my finger. (2) The power cord is too short to make a drip loop, which is a big fire hazard (especially with how much water gets spilled filling the cannister). I plan to fix this by attaching a power strip to the wall at a high enough level to make a drip loop with the short filter cord. (3) The filter media is in the wrong order. Water should pass through mechanical (sponge) filtration first, followed by biological, and finally, the fine white floss for water clarification. This filter is set up so the water goes through the fine floss first, which means all the larger particles (that would get filtered out by the sponges if they were in the right order) are going to get trapped in the floss. It will still work, but the floss will need to be cleaned more frequently to keep the water flowing, and the sponges basically serve no purpose. I haven’t figured out a way to fix this yet, since the out-take side of the filter has a plastic tube that sticks down inside the cannister through the center of the sponges. You can’t swap the sponges with the floss and bio-filter baskets because of this tube.

    I’ve only had it up and running for a few days, so I don’t know how durable it will be. I’ll update my review if anything changes.

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  3. Vikki E.

    Bought this for a 10gal nano tank. I can just barely get the inflow and outflow adjusted to fit, but it works. One thing I will say is: buy a tube of food safe silicone lube and lube all the seals. A higher end canister will either send the seals already lubed, or will say to lube them in the instructions, or both, but this one doesn’t. The instructions are poorly translated, but if you’ve set up a canister filter before or are mechanically inclined and can follow the pictures, setup is easy and straightforward. I swapped out the provided bio balls for a bag of Seachem Matrix, especially since the capacity for media is limited. The floss pad seems good, it reminds me of the polishing pad in my Marineland 360 canister on my goldfish tank.

    The water was cloudy when I set the filter up, and it immediately started clearing. It’s been 24 hours and the water is still a little cloudy, but it’s much clearer than it had been with a smaller filter and my fish all seem happier.

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    After reading several hundred reviews on different canisters,I decided it being my first go with a affordable but good review one. I chose this 528ph system by amjoi. I have had NO ISSUES. Super quiet. Cleans really well. I’ve had it now for 3 months. It says it’s recommended for freshwater turtle tanks, I didn’t see that when I bought it 3,4 months ago. I read that you can use it for saltwater by other users And that’s what I did, so hopefully I can get a few years out of it. When I opened the box, everything was nice. Nothing missing or broken.

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  5. Mystic

    I have been running this filter for awhile and would like to buy replacment cartrages for it but am unable to find anything. Any ideas???? The company changed the design and the new design will not work for my set up.

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    AMOSIJOY 225GPH Ultra-Quiet Canister Filter, 2-Stage External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums
    AMOSIJOY 225GPH Ultra-Quiet Canister Filter, 2-Stage External Aquarium Filter with Free Media for Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums


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