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Buddy Biscuits Trainers 10 oz. Pouch of Training Bites Soft & Chewy Dog Treats Made with Bacon Flavor

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  • Highly Palatable with natural pork liver base
  • 500 treats per bag!
  • Only 1.5 calories per treat
  • Clean ingredients with no corn, soy or artificial flavors
  • Made with natural bacon

Specification: Buddy Biscuits Trainers 10 oz. Pouch of Training Bites Soft & Chewy Dog Treats Made with Bacon Flavor

Item Weight

10 Ounces


Buddy Biscuits

Item model number


Date First Available

February 8, 2021

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

8.84 x 5.92 x 1.74 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

2.5 x 6 x 9 inches

Brand Name

Buddy Biscuits

Target Audience Keyword


Model Name





10 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Age Range Description

All Life Stages

Number of Items


Breed Recommendation

Large Breeds, Medium Breeds

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5 reviews for Buddy Biscuits Trainers 10 oz. Pouch of Training Bites Soft & Chewy Dog Treats Made with Bacon Flavor

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Kayla

    These are real tiny and soft which is perfect for training my chihuahua. Yes I said chihuahua, they can be trained too! They just…take a lot longer lol. That’s why these being low-calorie is great so I can reward her several times (I really do mean several…thank goodness these bags are cheap. Sometimes I think she acts confused for more treats lmao). Ingredients seem good too 🙂 No complaints from us!

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  2. Rafael Jose Tirado

    I’ve recently had the pleasure of using Buddy Biscuits Training Treats with my furry friend, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. These treats have completely transformed our training sessions and have become an essential part of our daily routine.

    First and foremost, the ingredients in Buddy Biscuits are top-notch. As a responsible dog owner, I’m always conscious of what I’m feeding my pup. These treats are made with wholesome, natural ingredients that I can feel good about giving to my furry companion. The fact that they’re free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives is a huge win in my book.

    The size and texture of these treats are perfect for training purposes. They’re small enough to not fill up my pup during training sessions, yet substantial enough to make an impact. Their soft and chewy nature makes them incredibly easy for my pup to devour quickly, which keeps our training momentum going without unnecessary interruptions.

    What truly sets Buddy Biscuits Training Treats apart is the irresistible taste. My dog absolutely adores these treats, and that makes training so much more effective. The enthusiastic response I get from my pup when I bring out these treats is a testament to how much he enjoys them. The treats have become a powerful motivator during training, helping my pup learn commands faster and with greater enthusiasm.

    I appreciate the variety that Buddy Biscuits offers in terms of flavors. Switching up the flavors keeps training exciting for my pup and prevents him from getting bored. The fact that these treats come in different flavors gives me options to cater to my pup’s preferences while still maintaining the high quality I expect.

    The resealable bag is a small but significant detail that I love. It keeps the treats fresh and prevents them from getting stale over time. This thoughtful packaging design shows that Buddy Biscuits cares about ensuring the best experience for both pets and their owners.

    Lastly, I have to mention the positive impact on my pup’s overall behavior. Using Buddy Biscuits Training Treats as rewards has not only improved his responsiveness during training but has also strengthened the bond between us. He now associates training sessions with positive experiences, creating a harmonious and enjoyable learning environment for both of us.

    In conclusion, Buddy Biscuits Training Treats have exceeded my expectations in every way. Their high-quality ingredients, appealing flavors, and effectiveness during training make them an absolute must-have for any dog owner invested in training their pup. These treats have turned our training sessions into joyful bonding moments, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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  3. Phil Paton

    These are great! My dog is a 14 poundish Chihuahua/Pug. He is overweight and these are perfect for his night time treat ( only treat he gets a day) they are soft, he loves them, and very low calorie. Really Happy 😊

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  4. Phil Paton

    We tested 5 kinds of soft training treats with our golden retrievers, looking for an economic soft treat that could be used for many training sessions. The ideal training treat was defined as appealing/tasty enough to be a motivating reward, as resistant as possible to crumbling when handling and carrying in the treat pouch, yet soft and small enough so the dog could consume the treat quickly and without choking at the instant that was being rewarded.

    We tested Howl’s Kitchen Training Bites beef flavor; Pup-Peroni Minis original beef flavor in the 22.5 oz bag; Bil-Jac Vet Dogs Skin & Coat Formula chicken in the 10 oz 4-pack; Buddy Biscuits Training Bites Low Calorie Bacon 10 oz bag, and Dingo Soft & Chewy Beef/Chicken 360-Count.

    Right away we noticed that the Dingo and Howl’s Kitchen treats were dry and hard – not soft at all. This was a shame because the Howl’s Kitchen treats were a meaty-looking square nugget that looked to hold up well in pouch and easy to handle, and our tasters loved it. But we defined the need as for a soft treat, so we didn’t consider these two appropriate for training.

    Size made a big difference too, not least to economics. One ounce of treats equalled 8 of the Bil-Jac Vet Dogs star-shaped treats , about 10 of the varying length Pupperoni Minis, and a whopping 49 of the Buddy Bites. While the Vet Dogs treats were a bit crumblier than we’d like, they were soft and the star shapes made them easy to gather from the pouch. The Pupperoni Minis were strong, but less soft and appealing to humans, although our tasters did wheelies for them. The Buddy Bites were SMALL: so tiny, think children training teacup puppies – we dropped a LOT just trying to pick some up.

    The verdict:

    When cost is everything: Buddy Bites: 1.3c/treat
    Best all-around treat: Pupperoni Minis: 3.5c/treat
    Most appealing / easy to handle: Vet Dogs: 7.8c/treat

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  5. MissK

    I recently tried out Buddy Trainers Bites for my small dogs, a Rat Terrier and a Miniature Pinscher, and I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed! These training treats have truly made a positive impact on our training sessions.

    There are over 500 treats in the bag, so I feel like I’m stocked up for a good while. The fact that each piece is only 1.5 calories is a huge bonus, allowing me to reward my pups frequently without worrying about overindulgence. Also a plus, very affordable.

    My dogs absolutely love these treats. They also serve as excellent motivators during training sessions. They keep my dogs engaged and eager to learn.They are just the right size (and I can even break them in half for snuffle puzzles)

    These treats have become an essential part of our training routine, helping to reinforce positive behaviors and fill their toys and puzzles without making little doggo meatballs. A definite recommend!

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    Buddy Biscuits Trainers 10 oz. Pouch of Training Bites Soft & Chewy Dog Treats Made with Bacon Flavor
    Buddy Biscuits Trainers 10 oz. Pouch of Training Bites Soft & Chewy Dog Treats Made with Bacon Flavor
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