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Fluker’s Gourmet Canned Food for Reptiles, Fish, Birds and Small Animals – Omnivore Mix 1.2oz



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  • All Natural: real insects, vegetables, and fruit
  • Convenient Alternative: no live insects to deal with or fresh produce to source
  • Variety: great for picky eaters
  • Nutritional Meal: blend of moist Mealworms, Squash, Carrots, Crickets and Papaya
  • Ominivore Reptiles: ideal for bearded dragons, box turtles, birds, and more

Specification: Fluker’s Gourmet Canned Food for Reptiles, Fish, Birds and Small Animals – Omnivore Mix 1.2oz

Item Weight

5 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

June 29, 2023

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

3.31 x 2.56 x 2.52 inches

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Target Audience Keyword

small-animal-pets, reptile-and-amphibian-pets


Fluker's Gourmet-Style Omnivore Mix may be fed daily to insect eating reptiles. Amount will vary depending on the size of your pet. Remove uneaten food after 12 hours and do not place directly under heat source. Always provide fresh water for your pet. Keep lid closed and refrigerate after opening.


2.75 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Age Range Description

All Life Stages

Number of Items



Omnivore Mix

Breed Recommendation


Specific Uses for Product

Reptile Food

5 reviews for Fluker’s Gourmet Canned Food for Reptiles, Fish, Birds and Small Animals – Omnivore Mix 1.2oz

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  1. Beez

    It’s harder to get live insects when it gets cold, and my critters don’t particularly take to dried as well. They’ll eat dry, but I was excited to try out “wet” critter food.

    This is not good stuff at all. I purchased both crickets & meal worms. I was able to use most of the crickets, but half the can of crickets and the entire can of meal worms had to be thrown out.

    My first note is that they both smelled AWFUL, I know what live & dead bugs smell like. This was so much worse. It was absolutely disgusting. I raise flies and know what maggots smell like. This food smelled worse than maggots.

    Which brought me to the concern that because they were not dehydrated, that they were spoiled and gone or close to going bad. My suspicions were confirmed when, after just a few days, I noticed the unopened meal worms can was starting to swell.

    Luckily, I’m an adult and know that can swelling is caused by bacteria growth gasses building up and if I open that can it’s likely to pop on me. I braced myself for it- and opened it and YEP- as soon as the slightest bit of push back pressure was on the top, there was a loud explosive poping noise and a bit of rotten meal worm went flying. (The pressure did cause minor injury to my finger, which I’m an adult and knew the possibility of that- but a kid who was given this for their pet may not know what to do.)

    Overall, this product was awful in quality and experience, and if you’re looking for alternatives to live insects for your critters, go with the dried stuff. Most critters aren’t used to their insects being wet anyway!

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  2. Beez

    This is my 4yo female Bearded Dragon named “Kermie”. I raised her since she was only one month old. As seen in photos, she LOVES Flukers Grasshoppers. It is her favorite meal. Even though it’s said Beardie adults should have majority Greens. Kermie barely touches her Greens.
    But she eats enough greens for variety. Her diet is almost exclusively these Fluker Grasshoppers. Plus I feed her Blueberries a few times a week.
    My Beardie is thriving & in excellent health.
    THANK YOU FLUKERS!!! Your product is amazing. I also use FLUKERS canned Crickets. But the Grasshoppers are larger & a better meal.
    I also have 3 other adult 4yo Beardies (one was born crippled & stunted). All raised since they were one to two months old.
    They all eat FLUKERS CANNED GRASSHOPPERS almost Exclusively. I sprinkle Calcium on these Grasshoppers as needed. The nutrients in FLUKERS have been keeping my Beardies healthy, happy & thriving.
    I also have a 4yo Leopard Gecko & a 3yo Pac Man Frog. Both I raised from three months old. They both also thrive on these Flukers Grasshoppers.
    All of them get so excited when they see these Grasshoppers.
    If anyone has trouble getting their Beardies or others with similar diet to eat these. I have them all used to eating from long Reptile Tweezers. So when you feed them these Flukers, whether it’s the canned Grasshoppers, Crickets, Silk Worms, etc.
    All made by FLUKERS.
    Don’t just leave these in a food bowl.
    I feed them a lot of Grasshoppers with Tweezers for each initial feeding. They all get into major “Predator Mode” when these Grasshoppers are introduced with the Tweezers. Especially if I move the tweezers around with one or more Grasshoppers on it. They all grab the Grasshoppers so happily & with major gusto.
    Then I leave the rest of the Grasshoppers in a food bowl in cage. And then my Kermie & others will eat until satisfied.
    Kermie in the photo is the most “Dog Like” Bearded Dragon I have. She comes out of her cage to eat. Kermie loves hanging with family members. And she loves hanging with my 3 dogs. She is also fond of our Guinea Pigs. She sits next to their cages & watches them for hours.
    It is FLUKERS that keeps my Kermie happy & healthy.
    Of course I ensure my little friends get water sprayed on them to drink. Plus bathing in sink. And proper lighting & substrate is needed.
    But add FLUKERS canned Grasshoppers to their diet. Use the feeding methods I mentioned.
    If yours aren’t used to eating from Tweezers. If your little friends won’t initially eat these from a food bowl. Start using the long reptile tweezers sold at most pet stores. Feed your guys their favorite treats with it.
    Don’t forget that Bearded Dragons are Predators. You need to spark their “Predator Instinct”. So many Beardies & Reptiles at first, may not eat these initially from a food bowl. So get them used to eating these Grasshoppers from Reptile Tweezers. And especially if you move the tweezers around with these Grasshoppers dangling from the tweezers. You will spark the Predator Instinct in them. And it will get them to eat these happily.
    Once your guys get used to eating from long Reptile Tweezers. You can then start feeding them FLUKERS CANNED GRASSHOPPERS from the Tweezers & then from their food bowls. FLUKERS canned Crickets, Silk Worms , Meal Worms, etc.
    Are all excellent. Try feeding all of these at different times, to add variety.
    My reptile family seems to mainly prefer the Grasshoppers out of the other Fluker canned products. But I have tried all the varieties of Fluker Canned insects & all are excellent.
    The cans come with a tight plastic lid that can re-seal. So if your guys don’t finish. You can leave it for next day.
    If you haven’t tried FLUKERS products yet. Or if you have, and you weren’t successful with the feeding.
    Give my method a try.
    You can see from the photos. How happy my 4yo female Bearded Dragon “Kermie” is with FLUKERS CANNED GRASSHOPPERS.
    (I rarely leave reviews for products. But this review is well deserved).
    Plus I hope my review can help other owners of Bearded Dragons & other pets that eat insects.
    My photos show how happy my little girl is with these Grasshoppers. I hope others out there can benefit from this excellent product.
    As you can see. My Kermie loves her canned Grasshoppers by Flukers.

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  3. Tamera Crawford

    my lizard loved these.. they smell awful but he doesnt seem to mind. good product for the price

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  4. Jessica Gray

    My turtle loves these bugs. The only downside is they are disgusting to humans and I hate that I have to keep them in the refrigerator around our real food. I mean I could get a mini fridge but c’mon all that for turtle bugs? I don’t think so. They make my turtle happy, they’re reasonably priced and I plan on getting them again once turtle boy finishes the can up.

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  5. Joleen Jackalope

    They were delivered fast. These are much cheaper than they are at the pet store and the quality of the works looked alot better. My hedgehog approved of them right away!!

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    Fluker’s Gourmet Canned Food for Reptiles, Fish, Birds and Small Animals – Omnivore Mix 1.2oz
    Fluker’s Gourmet Canned Food for Reptiles, Fish, Birds and Small Animals – Omnivore Mix 1.2oz


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