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Fluval Multi-Chamber Holding and Breeding Box, Large – Up To 3 Separate Housing Compartments



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  • Compatible with Most Aquariums: Easily attaching to the side of most aquariums up to 1” thick, the Multi-Chamber Holding & Breeding Box provides up to 3 separate compartments for protecting fry, sick/weak fish or new fish that require acclimation.
  • Required Parts: Please note that this multi-chamber will require an Air Pump (1 L/per minute) and Airline Tubing, both of which are sold separately.
  • Usage: Ideal as a hatchery and incubator to help protect newborn fry from being eaten (which improves survival rate). Provides a safe haven for injured or weak fish. Helps acclimate new fish as water circulates from the aquarium
  • Space-Saving: This chamber’s design measures 10.25″ L x 5.5″ W x 4.75″ H (26 x 14 x 12 cm) and holds 0.5 US Gal (1.9 L) of water. Hangs onto aquarium exterior for easily observing fish and convenient maintenance.
  • Versatile: Utilizes the same conditioned water as your aquarium, no additional heater or filter required. Can be used with fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Specification: Fluval Multi-Chamber Holding and Breeding Box, Large – Up To 3 Separate Housing Compartments

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

5.8 x 10.7 x 5.7 inches, 1.2 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

September 21, 2011


Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.

5 reviews for Fluval Multi-Chamber Holding and Breeding Box, Large – Up To 3 Separate Housing Compartments

4.8 out of 5
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  1. L.

    Worked great, pumps water in and out of the container. Looks good and sits outside of the tank so no space taken up inside the tank. Good value. Nice and sturdy

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  2. margo

    Bought this to temporarily house babies for my cichlid tank until they were large enough to safely go in the grow-out setup – worked pretty nice, though I think it’ll be better suited for smaller fish such as guppies. Will have to test that out with my upcoming guppy breeding tank and see if the fry can fit through gaps in the plastic dividers. Also useful for separating fish if you have one getting beat up that needs its own space to recover.

    Wasn’t too hard to set up and is sturdy once you get it together. The bubbler does make a little noise, but it isn’t terribly noticeable imo. The flow isn’t heavy enough to push the fry around but disturbs the surface enough to help aerate the water.

    Only downside I’ve come across is that the gap between the lid and tank along the lip that hangs it off the main tank is large enough for slimmer fish to jump out; was keeping a 3″ khuli loach in there for a moment while cleaning out his old tank and he spooked and jumped right into the other tank! Happened so quick that I needed a moment to figure out why my loach suddenly wasn’t there, lol. Now I keep a little bit of paper towel over that spot and haven’t had a problem since.

    That aside, I’m very happy with my purchase and will definitely make further use of it in the future.

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  3. margo

    I’m using this as a grow-out box for my African cichlid fry until I move them to their own tank and so far it’s working great. The instructions are a tad confusing at first when putting together and it was a little frustrating that they didn’t include extra airline tubing for the other end of the valve, but besides this, not too difficult to assemble and place in the tank, took me maybe 10 mins max. I like the dividers that come with it, I had planned on using them and separating the fry by mothers but by the time it had arrived the babies had already been mixed together for a while and it would have been really difficult picking them out and manually separating all of them. A lot of people have mentioned that the tube and cap sputter and gurgle which is true, but depending on the flow you set and whether or not you put the lid on the box it may be more or less quiet. Personally it doesn’t really bother me and I barely hear it unless I’m really listening for it but if it does concern you there are plenty of reviews that offer solutions for this. I initially worried about the tiny babies swimming up to the section where the water flows back into the tank and potentially falling through but the 5 bar attachment prevents that for anyone with extremely small fish. I also really liked the leveling attachments and how many options there are for positioning and angling and the box itself seems pretty sturdy. The only advice I can give is just to make sure you’re cleaning out the bottom frequently to avoid ammonia buildup and doing a good amount of water changes.

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  4. E. M. Fraise

    Years ago, I had a fish give birth only to have the fry get IMMEDIATELEY eaten by its mother. I was so sad and disappointed. I new I had to get a “Breeder Box”. I got a super cheap one that just sits inside the tank. I mainly used it to let the fry mature a little bit before getting moved back into the main tank, or help heal a fish that was getting bullied recover its strength before rejoining his friends. After many months of tryin to find out why some fish that I put in there died immediately. I came to the conclusion that the water flow in this box was so so poor that all of the waste was being stored in the box and there was not adequate oxygen getting into the box through the small slits on the sides.

    Then I found the Fluval Multi-Chamber holding and breeding box and holy cow, what a difference. It incredibly easy and intuitive to set up, and is absolutely the perfect size for almost any application. Even on relatively small tank like a 10 gal. Currently, I have a Molly with a fin injury in one compartment, and the other 2/3rds of the tank are housing her baby fry. The room that I keep one of my tanks in, which currently has the Fluval box on in, gets very cold at night, 60-61 degrees. I was worried that since it hangs off the front and is just plastic that the temp in the box would lower drastically. I am happy to report that the temperature did not budge from the main tank temp with no additional heaters or anything, i have a 50w and a 25 w heater in the tank, but I’m confident that you could be perfectly fine with just one 25 or 50W depending on the ambient temperature of the room. The only thing i would be mindful of, is trying to keep super small fry (I’m talking 1-2 days old) in the left portion of the tank. I had a single fry get pressed up against the grate the flows back into the tank. I don’t know if he was sick or weak, or if the current got him, but in thousands of fry run through this box, I’ve only had a single loss. so my best practice, if you don’t need the whole box, is to partition off the far right slot, put your fish in the left and put the drain with the bigger slats in the outflow spot on the right. That allows more water to flow through the box and greatly decreases build up of debris (if you’re like me and have a heavy hand when it comes to feeding fry.

    The only problem with this box is that I don’t have one for all of my tanks!

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  5. E. M. Fraise

    I originally wanted to use this as a grow out space for my shrimp but it turns out my guppies don’t try to eat them so instead it’s become a place to remove shrimp with undesirable traits from my breeding group. It’s an awesome, well constructed item but be aware you’ll need to cover the out thingy with a piece of sponge to keep shrimplettes inside if that’s what you intend it for. I think fry would all stay contained

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    Fluval Multi-Chamber Holding and Breeding Box, Large – Up To 3 Separate Housing Compartments
    Fluval Multi-Chamber Holding and Breeding Box, Large – Up To 3 Separate Housing Compartments


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