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Greenies Feline Adult Natural Dental Cat Treats, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub



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  • This convenient tub contains 9.75 oz. of FELINE GREENIES Crunchy Dental Treats in Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor
  • Crunchy texture helps clean teeth, reduce tartar buildup, and freshen breath
  • Made with natural ingredients plus added vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients; nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cats
  • This tasty cat treat has no artificial flavors, has no artificial preservatives, and contains less than 2 calories per treat

Specification: Greenies Feline Adult Natural Dental Cat Treats, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub

Item Weight

9.75 Ounces

Warranty Description



Mars Petcare

Item model number


Date First Available

December 30, 2019

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

6.97 x 4.53 x 4.13 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

4.15 x 4.98 x 6.74 inches

Brand Name


Target Audience Keyword

house-cats, cats


FELINE GREENIES™ dental treats are formulated for cats 1 year of age or older. For a healthy dental benefit, feed treats daily in conjunction with your cat’s regular diet. As with any treat, adjust amount of main meal to compensate for calories delivered by treats. Always monitor your pet while feeding a treat. Provide fresh drinking water at all times and see your veterinarian regularly. To help maintain freshness, we recommend closing the lid tightly and storing in a cool, dry location. For the best dental benefit, feed a 10 lb adult cat 8 treats, two times per day. Adjust amount of main meal to compensate for calories delivered by treats. Always monitor your pet while feeding treats. Provide fresh drinking water at all times.





Model Name

Greenies Feline Greenies


9.75 Ounce (Pack of 1)



Age Range Description


Care Instructions

As with any edible product, monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed. Gulping any item can be harmful or even fatal to a dog. Fresh drinking water should always be available

Number of Items




Breed Recommendation

All Breed Sizes

Included Components

FELINE GREENIES Adult Dental Cat Treats, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub

Specific Uses for Product

Dental Care

5 reviews for Greenies Feline Adult Natural Dental Cat Treats, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Nyxi

    I bought these Greenies by mistake, thinking they were for my dog. But what started as a mix-up turned into a brilliant discovery!

    Some Facts:

    Money Saving Hack: These pill pockets are a clever money-saving hack. Despite being labeled for cats, they’re perfect for both my feline friend and my small dog, eliminating the need for separate treats.

    Generous Quantity: With a whopping 85 treats in each bag, I’m getting plenty of bang for my buck. It’s like a treat treasure trove that lasts and lasts!

    Perfect Size: Unlike the larger dog pill pockets I used before, these are just the right size for my pooch’s medicine. He’s 15lbs andhe doesn’t take giant pills. No need for dividing or cutting them into smaller pieces – it’s hassle-free dosing every time.

    Dog-Approved Flavor: Even though they’re meant for cats, my dog absolutely loves the chicken flavor. It’s a win-win for both my pets!

    Freshness Guaranteed: These pill pockets are super fresh, ensuring that every treat is as delicious as the first. No stale snacks here – just pure, tasty goodness.

    These pill pockets have not only simplified medication time but also saved me money while keeping both my pets happy and healthy. It’s a win-win all around! 🐾💰 Talk to your vet though cause I don’t want to say they’re good for all dogs.

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  2. burbleburbank

    My cats is on 2 heart meds. I have tried all flavors and he loves catnip or salmon the best. One med is bitter and directions say to put in wet food, but he eats a dry food prescribed for dental care. This product works fine. It’s the last thing in his bowl that eat, but if he’s hungry he will go back to eat it before his next meal. He’s a smart orange cat !

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  3. Elizabeth L.

    Every cat owner knows the absolute chaos of trying to give a cat a pill! When one of my cats is sick and requires medication, I am usually begging the vet to just give them a shot. When they say that there isn’t a shot that will work in this case and I’m going to have to give my cat a pill at home, a sense of dread fills me. I usually have to change into something with long, thick sleeves to prevent getting scratched and prevent getting my shirt ripped or torn with nail holes. You know how it goes if you have a cat!

    One of our vets recommended these pill pockets and… OH WOW!!! TALK ABOUT A GAME CHANGER!!! Each treat has a little opening in the top to push the pill inside, and then you can squeeze the top closed over the pill.

    Super easy to use
    Resealable bag so the treats don’t dry out
    Different flavors so my cats don’t get tired of the same flavor
    I can add these to my monthly subscribe-and-save order so I never run out

    Not all of my cats will eat treats, but that’s not a flaw of the product but just typical of a multi-cat household! Just like with people, we all have different tastes and preferences, and cats are no different.
    I had one cat who was super smart, and she would figure out that her pill was inside, so she would nibble the outside and eat down to the pill. She was a character like that!

    PRO TIP:
    Don’t just give these to your cat just when they are sick but give them these treats occasionally here and there so your cat doesn’t just associate the treats with being sick and getting medication.
    Also, just like with any other soft treat, they will dry out over time if not eaten so many months after opening, so this is another reason to give your cats the occasional treats even if they aren’t sick.

    These are a life saver (and saves my arms from scratches and my shirts from claw holes). I always keep some on hand for whatever cat emergency pops up. I also keep different flavors on my subscribe-and-save so I can alternate flavors to give my cats some variety. LOVE THESE!!!

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  4. Placeholder

    I bought all 4 flavors, we have 4 cats. Chicken, salmon, tuna/cheese, and catnip. Each cat likes a different flavor. To be fair, one likes them all (but he will eat anything he can get in his face) and one actively dislikes three of them. I like that they completely seal around the pill. There’s no weird little seam popping open. So far the pills are going down just fine and it’s a massive relief to be able to give treats instead of having pill vs cat wrestling matches. But I just unlocked a next level hack: I’m giving these right before their dinnertime which is just making everything that much easier. They’re hungry, they want it, I’m happy.

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  5. Keith

    My cat loves these! I’ve used these to train her to do various tricks. Now we have a nightly routine where she performs her tricks and I reward her with these treats.

    Not only does she love their taste, but they’re doing her good at the same time! Every time she has a vet visit, she gets comments on her clean teeth. She’s still a young girl, but it’s always best to get ahead of these things! I’m glad they’re effective at keeping her teeth clean because she loves to bite and the last thing I wanna do is try to stick a toothbrush in her mouth, lol

    I’m on my second container of these and I plan on continuing to buy them every time I run low. Well worth the money!

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    Greenies Feline Adult Natural Dental Cat Treats, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub
    Greenies Feline Adult Natural Dental Cat Treats, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub


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