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Hari Tropimix Bird Food, Hagen Large Parrot Food with Seeds, Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables, Grains, and Legumes, Enrichment Food, 4 lb Bag



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  • Premium Treats: Tropimix for Large Parrots is a premium food mix full of exotic grains, fruits, nuts, and Tropican sticks. This special blend is fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for optimum health and nutrition.
  • Necessary Nutrients: Tropican extruded sticks are not only bursting with peanut flavor but are formulated with plenty of essential nutrients to ensure optimal health, vibrant feathers and strong bones for your pet bird.
  • Helps with Diet: Tropimix helps transition parrots hooked on certain seeds like sunflower to a varied diet which includes more legumes and formulated pellets like Tropican. All ingredients are 100% edible and can be served dry or moistened.
  • Encourage Foraging Behaviors: Tropimix enrichment diets are excellent to use in foraging activities. Hiding the food in various locations and presenting the food in exciting ways trigger natural foraging behaviors.
  • Recommended Species: Larger parrot species such as: Amazons, Macaws, Cockatoos, Greys, And Eclectus.

Specification: Hari Tropimix Bird Food, Hagen Large Parrot Food with Seeds, Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables, Grains, and Legumes, Enrichment Food, 4 lb Bag

Item Weight

4 Pounds


Ample fresh food and water should always be available to satisfy the demands of your pet bird. The food and water cups should be cleaned and re-filled daily with fresh water and fresh seeds to keep your pet bird healthy.

Item model number


Date First Available

January 12, 2016

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

13.39 x 6.85 x 4.21 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

4 x 7 x 13 inches

Brand Name


Target Audience Keyword



Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.


No artificial color

Model Name

Tropimix Large Parrot Food Mix


4 Pound (Pack of 1)

Age Range Description

All Life Stages

Number of Items



Large Parrot

Breed Recommendation

Large Breeds

Included Components

Bag of bird food

Specific Uses for Product


5 reviews for Hari Tropimix Bird Food, Hagen Large Parrot Food with Seeds, Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables, Grains, and Legumes, Enrichment Food, 4 lb Bag

4.4 out of 5
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  1. zachary weems

    My Goffins likes much of this product but also tosses a lot of it for whatever reason only she knows for sure. I will buy it again due to the varying items in it that gives her a better choice than many other foods. I use it in addition to other food products mainly for the variety.

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  2. L. Johnson

    I’ve bought this 3x now, once it was very nice, the other 2x is was mostly dust and crumbles. It’s too expensive to keep guessing what I’ll be getting.

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  3. I V Parsley

    We bought this food for the first time about 2 weeks ago and so far it’s been nothing but awesome.

    My Timneh Grey and Jardine’s parrots took to this food from the first feeding with practically no need to phase it in, and (like most parrots) they are fairly picky eaters. (And it’s not like they were on stale bread and water before that either.) The mix has a lot of colour, shape and size variety with plenty of visual and crunch appeal — yet without the artificially bright colours and sugary smells of other parrot food mixes. If anything, it reminds me of my own granola mixes and has that same healthy, not-too-sweet smell and appearance.

    The TAG loves to dunk the larger Tropican sticks, the Jardine’s particularly enjoys the fruit bits. I expected to see them both dive for the nuts immediately, since we limit their nut/seed intake due to their fat content and as a result they love them above all other foods (except cheese – the TAG looooves cheese and gets it even more rarely), but I’m very happy to say the mix is apparently varied and delicious enough that they don’t always pick their favourite thing and might in fact be developing new favourites.

    As mentioned on the packaging, keep an eye on what your parrot eats and doesn’t eat and if only certain bits are being picked out, you might need to supplement the food. Our birds get lots of fruit & veg daily in any case, as well as a little bit of hemp seed in the evenings. The food can be served dry or moistened and our two like it either way. Since they tend to make their own ‘soup’ anyway I tend to not moisten it especially as it vastly reduces the durability of the food. If you moisten it, remember not to leave it out for more than 4 hours. The packaging mentions this in any case.

    Although the Jardine’s is technically a smaller parrot, we bought both large and small parrot sizes and he definitely seems to find the large-size chunks more satisfying. He does have a much bigger beak than your average small parrot though (pic attached) so it’s worth experimenting for your own birds. The mix is also chunky enough that it makes a wonderful filler for foraging toys. All in all, our little beasts are super happy with it so their humans are also super happy with it!

    Side note – giving our Jardine’s safflower seed, which is in just about every mass-market seed-containing food, makes him act like a 2 year old on sugar rush and become incredibly vocally demanding; I suspect they’re like crack to him and he gets them very rarely as a result. I thought I’d mention that in case anyone else feeds their parrot safflower seeds and finds that they turn into little monsters.

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  4. I V Parsley

    This food is not bad. I dont think its worth the money, its actually like regular trail mix, i even tasted some of it myself to test it out. At least you can tell its organic, and well enough made, quite edible. My bird himself is very picky with food, so i cant say the item was a disaster if my bird is the one who is picky. Overall, he liked it somewhat, and helped his nutrition bump up. I thought it tasted good too, so theres that. Safe to say, its safe to eat, but there is like these strands of hard kibble ish things and they are extremely hard, neither me or my bird liked that. I like to know what i feed him so this was a good thing to recommend. It has such a variety of things, it was hard for him to even be picky since he had plenty of things to pick at.

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  5. Kenia

    This is my picky parrots favorite food I mix the tropical mix with theyre pellets it has been the best food for him so far, his feathers look great since buying this mix for him. I also like that they come in large and I’m not ordering as often

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    Hari Tropimix Bird Food, Hagen Large Parrot Food with Seeds, Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables, Grains, and Legumes, Enrichment Food, 4 lb Bag
    Hari Tropimix Bird Food, Hagen Large Parrot Food with Seeds, Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables, Grains, and Legumes, Enrichment Food, 4 lb Bag


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