Hertzko Electric Nail Grinder for Dogs & Cats – Rechargeable Dog & Cat Nail Grinder & Trimmer, Professional Pet Grooming Kit with USB Wire for…



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  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE – Hertzko dog & cat nail grinder has ultra durable diamond stone bit and ergonomic design that make this important step in your petcare routine fast & easy; repeat every 2-3 weeks
  • GENTLE ALTERNATIVE – Grinding places less stress on the cuticle and reduces the risk of cracking and bleeding compared to traditional pet nail clippers.
  • QUIET MOTOR – Low noise and low vibration make nail care less stressful for you and your pet
  • MULTIPLE PORTS – 3 port options allow safe nail-trimming for pets of any size; great for small to large dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds
  • RECHARGEABLE – lasts up to 2.5 hours and recharges via micro USB cord (included)

Specification: Hertzko Electric Nail Grinder for Dogs & Cats – Rechargeable Dog & Cat Nail Grinder & Trimmer, Professional Pet Grooming Kit with USB Wire for…

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Package Dimensions

7.8 x 3.3 x 1.3 inches, 4.8 Ounces

Item model number



1 AAA batteries required.

Date First Available

July 19, 2016



5 reviews for Hertzko Electric Nail Grinder for Dogs & Cats – Rechargeable Dog & Cat Nail Grinder & Trimmer, Professional Pet Grooming Kit with USB Wire for…

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  1. sherondasimmons-jackson

    i like it but my doggie dont

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  2. Mark Rodger

    Like compact low noise, my dog sat still for 30 mins whilst attended the front nails I was impressed by that alone. I need to find spare wheels for the future but having difficulty as I have contacted supplier asking exactly this but no response

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  3. Bestsontheroad

    This is an excellent product. After reading some of the reviews I made sure it was fully charged first. I have two dogs (Lhasa Apsos, and my sister has a Shitzu that is horribly afraid of having his nails done because a groomer had cut them down to the quick and didn’t even have the decency to tell my sister. They just put the putty in the nails – more than one. The putty came out and got blood all over her car on the way home and poor little Cocoa was having a hard time walking for several days. With that said, we’ve been having a time of it trying to find a way to do Cocoa’s nails now.)
    I started out doing my dog white dog’s nails. He is the more skiddish one of my two. At first he was a little nervous, but once he saw it wasn’t going to hurt him, he let me do it. I was able to do all of his nails and they came out just beautiful. Then I moved on to my gold dog’s nails. He’s very easy and let me do all of his nails, no problem. Again, the nails came out just lovely, but he has thicker nails and the Hertzko pet nail grinder didn’t have any problem at all grinding right through. Now Cocoa had been watching the whole process, so I got him up and started on him. He fidgeted around a good bit, but the Hertzko nail grinder is so quiet and so gentle he let me go to work on his nails. I did the first two and it started slowing down, so I had to put it back on the charger. I’ve charged it overnight and it should be ready to go again the next time I have Cocoa (tomorrow I believe), so I will try to update this), but I’m very impressed. For those who said that it wouldn’t even do their dogs full set of nails, either they didn’t have it fully charged, their dogs nails were really long, or maybe their unit wasn’t working properly, but I surely had no problem doing two full sets of nails and starting a third set. I love the unit.

    My personal tip: When I do my dogs nails, and this will only work with small to mid size dogs, I find it is easier to sit in a chair holding the dog upright against me with my arm around them. I usually rub their belly and tell them how good they are. Then make sure that my demeanor is very calm and relaxed. The minute you get tense, they will get tense. Since I’m right handed, I hold them on my left side with my left hand and start with their right paw, so their right front paw, so their left front paw is under my left arm. Once they see that it is okay and relax, it is okay from then on, but if they struggle a firm, but gentle “no” should do the trick. If they continue to struggle, reassure them, rub the belly a few times to calm them and start again. In my personal experience there has only been one dog that I needed to get out a spoonful of peanut butter, but that’s a last resort (lol). But the peanut butter will keep them busy – might get you messy, but will keep them busy. πŸ™‚

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  4. MSB

    I hate cutting my dogs nails. Always scared I will hit the quick and so it makes me anxious. I have been taking them to the vet for trimmings. At $16 a pop for 5 dogs this adds up. I purchased this almost a year ago and only tried it a couple times before putting it in the drawer thinking it was just a waste of money. But today I just got up the nerve to give this devoted effort before making another vet trip and after watching some dremmeling videos.
    Wow is all I can say. What a great starter dremmel like tool for me to get my feet wet.
    I noticed a few things when looking at other reviews:
    If you are using it correctly… it will work on your dogs nails. If you are holding it wrong, it will feel like it’s taking forever to make any progress. Same goes for if you are holding your dogs paws incorrectly. A firm but kind hold that keeps the nail steady is needed. If the paw is flopping all over, it’s not going to work well and you risk getting the paw pad.

    There are no directions so it’s kinda a wing it thing in order to get a good feel for it.

    The price is really good. The size is small and easy to maneuver. If you are looking for power enough to totally cut the tip of a nail off speedily like with a strong dremmel. This doesn’t pack that type of punch. But I think that would be too much for me right now. If you are looking for something that gives good control and a nice pace, especially for a beginner and something pretty quiet, this is great.
    For reference I have 5 small dogs. The smallest a Pomeranian at 6.5 lbs and the largest a chihuahua who is 11 lbs.
    Today I used this on my small pom who has always hated nail trims ever since puppyhood. She really just doesn’t like when we hold her paws to cut her nails. But she did pretty well with 3 of us working with her. One holding the flashlight at her nail from below to watch for the quick (just learned that trick – lifesaver). Me with the Pet grinder and then someone holding her so she wouldn’t scamper off. I also used a manual diamond glass file when needed here and there.
    I gave her treats for her cooperation. I was able to do a much better trim than even my vets have provided thus far. I also focused on the alternate cut line angle as well, verses the traditional cut so that quicks will recede and I can go even shorter next time.

    A fabulous item to give a try for your dog. If the noise does bother your pet, do some conditioning. I did try the item with our new puppy today also. He was not digging that sound at all. So I just used clippers on him. But I’m going to work on getting him comfortable with it and hopefully by the time he learns to sit still he will feel comfortable with it.

    Two of my dogs are shih tzus and I’m going to use the fruit bag trick (mesh from the bag of lemons to slide their paw into to keep hair out of the way when using this on them).

    Not sure how my older chihuahua is going to take to this. He is a rescue and he doesn’t like his feet touched much and will bite when annoyed. So I will tread lightly with him.

    I am not sure how this would work on large breed dogs with really thick nails. But worth a shot. Amazon always has a great return policy. Like that the nail guard comes off but I found I really liked having it on. Battery lasted great during the nail filing.

    If you are wanted to try an electric file or were thinking of a dremmel but just don’t feel you are ready for that yet. This a great first step. So much more control that nail clippers. No splintering, no cracking, not cutting the quick. Dare I say it was actually fun to use and I feel very accomplished with saving us some money at the vet for sure.

    If this came with a replacement head and a built in light I would for sure give it a 5.

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  5. Joanna Conrad

    Kind of slow. Didn’t really use it much and went back to clippers

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    Hertzko Electric Nail Grinder for Dogs & Cats – Rechargeable Dog & Cat Nail Grinder & Trimmer, Professional Pet Grooming Kit with USB Wire for…
    Hertzko Electric Nail Grinder for Dogs & Cats – Rechargeable Dog & Cat Nail Grinder & Trimmer, Professional Pet Grooming Kit with USB Wire for…


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