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hygger 24/7 Mode Submersible Aquarium LED Light, Full Spectrum Hidden Fish Tank Light with 3 Rows Beads 7 Colors Auto On Off…



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  • DEFAULT MODE(24/7 Natural Mode): Gradient Orange light (sunrise) from 6 am to 8 am; Gradient White light from 8 am to 6 pm; Gradient Blue light (moonlight) from 6 pm to 10:50 pm; The 24/7 lighting aquarium lights are off in other time periods. The overall default time period can be delayed or advanced.
  • DIY MODE: Full spectrum aquarium light also can change the time + brightness + color. ①Setting time(TIMER key): 3 kinds of time, 6h, or 10h, or 12h; ②Brightness(🔺/🔻 key): 5 kinds of brightness. ③Color(ON-OFF/ M key): White, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Cyan, Cycle Color.
  • NEW UPGRADE: With professional white background paper, as a hidden atmosphere light and place it behind the outside of the fish tank. Also can be fixed under the fish tank cover. It can also be put into the water and used as an aquarium submersible light. Safely sealed, IP68 waterproof, and a variety of usage methods.
  • HIGH-QUALITY LIGHT: The light is soft, the color rendering index is close to natural light, protecting eyes and fish, to refuse the discomfort caused by stroboscopic for fish and viewers. Using high-quality 2835 + 5050 model lamp beads, long service life, at least 50,000 hours. The separable adapter, even if it is damaged, has no need to replace the whole light to avoid waste.
  • PRODUCT PARAMETERS: ①Power:6W; ②Led QTY:36PCS(White:17PCS/BLUE:5PCS/ RED:2PCS/ RGB:12PCS); ③CRI:79; ④Application(for Fish Tnak Long):8”-15” ; ⑥Power Cord: 6ft+4.9ft; ⑦Input Votage:AC100-240V; ⑧Output Votage:DC20V; ⑨Kelvin: White 6500K, Blue 455nm, Red 620nm; ⑩Lumens:609.8lm;

Specification: hygger 24/7 Mode Submersible Aquarium LED Light, Full Spectrum Hidden Fish Tank Light with 3 Rows Beads 7 Colors Auto On Off…



Are Batteries Included


Light Source Type


Shade Material


Power Source

‎Corded Electric



Item Weight

‎9.2 ounces




‎609.8 Lumen

Number of Light Sources






Product Dimensions

‎8"L x 1.8"W x 1.8"H

Part Number


Item model number

‎8in 6W


‎8in 6W


‎6 watts

Item Package Quantity


Switch Style

‎Push Button

Special Features

‎Full Spectrum

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


5 reviews for hygger 24/7 Mode Submersible Aquarium LED Light, Full Spectrum Hidden Fish Tank Light with 3 Rows Beads 7 Colors Auto On Off…

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  1. Melissa

    I use this for my 5 gallon freshwater tank with live plants and it’s the perfect size and power. The suction cups are pretty useless. It’s mounted on a glass shelf above my tank pointing down at it and I had to resort to command strips since the suction cups kept failing and falling on the lid.

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  2. Melissa

    I love this aquarium light. The one that came with my tank was janky, so I switched it out for this one. I set it on the day/night setting and my fish love it. The self timer is handy and I like watching “the sun rise” as the lights change. My fish seem to be doing better with this light too, and it feels more natural. The suction cups hold right to the underside of my aquarium lid.

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  3. Christopher Morris

    I have almost all of the sizes, one in each of my tanks, set for 24/7, and they are awesome, especially at night when only the blue strip is on. Yes, the suction cups suck, but tie wraps work better anyway, so just drill a few holes and mount them that way. I see people returning them because of the cups, but that is ridiculous, because the lights themselves are great, especially for the price, so if you’re not lazy, you’ll love these. If you do it correctly, the tie wraps actually fill the holes, so it’s a non-issue. My fish don’t complain, and my plants absolutely love them. Enjoy….

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  4. Christopher Morris

    I’ve only had these lights for about two weeks, so I can’t speak to their longevity. Hopefully they last a long time because I love these lights!

    I had submersible lights in my 125 gallon tank previously. They were some Chinese off brand that simply had an on/off switch. They were a brilliant, bright white with hints of blue, and since they had a simple switch they worked with smart plugs and Alexa routines.

    So that being said, the first thing to know about these is that they will not work with smart plugs. Once they lose power, they forget their settings. However I’ve found using the 24/7 timer mode to be even better. It can be a little tricky to get set because of poorly translated instructions (more on that later), but once you get it it’s easy…..and the results are quite brilliant!

    In the morning, instead of my lights popping on instantly at 100% brightness (which as you can imagine is probably not the nicest way to wake up), these lights begin with a soft orange moving gradually to a brighter orange to simulate sunrise. Then it slowly becomes a dim white light which throughout the day increases in intensity. Eventually the white light begins to fade into a bright blue simulating moonlight, which then fades over time into a lighter blue then darkness. It’s a much more natural light cycle. I believe the whole cycle results in roughly 16 hours of different types of light (6AM – 10:50PM). I’m not an expert by any means, but I do not believe this extended light cycle will contribute greatly to the growth of algae because it’s not intense white light all day every day, but I could be wrong (again, it’s only been 2 weeks).

    As for the intensity of the white light in particular (since that’s in use most of the day), it is satisfactory. I purchased another brand of light before these and they absolutely PALED in comparison to the old lights I was switching away from. I returned those and bought these. These are still not as bright as the old ones but they are much closer and I suspect it’s because these are more full spectrum instead of all white. But I’m obviously pleased with them, they certainly are more than good enough.

    As for setting the 24/7 cycle….just ignore the directions. You’ll see a series of times annotated on the controller with an LED light next to them…they are military time so just do some googling on that if you need to (or just subtract 12!). Wait until one of these time frames and push the 24/7 button until the LED next to that time is lit. You’re not really “setting” anything….you’re telling the controller the current time and it does the rest. If you want your cycle to start or end earlier than the 6am sunrise (the default), simply lie to the controller when you set the time (ie tell it that it’s 8pm when it’s actually 7pm or 9pm to move the cycle forward or back by an hour – or more).

    One final thing to note which should be obvious from the picture but I really didn’t think about it until I got them in hand…..most of the submersible LEDs I’ve had or looked at were a round tube secured in rings with suction cups. Because they were round, you could mount them anywhere in your tank (such as behind the rim) and simply rotate them to direct light where ever you want. These are, obviously, not round. So there is no rotating and they will only direct light directly up, down, or across from where you mount them. So keep this in mind when planning where your lights will be in your tank.

    Long story short, I love these lights and as long as they have a decent service life, I will 100% buy again! Will come back and add photos when I grab some (if I can add them later)

    UPDATE: I still love these lights, however it comes with a major caveat: I’ve already had to replace two due to water getting inside of them. I replaced the first hoping it was a fluke…. Now the same thing with another one. I love the lights enough otherwise that I WILL replace again, but this time the “submersible” lights will NOT be going in the water. I advise either keeping your water level low enough that the lights aren’t actually submerged or mounting them top of your lids. That will present it’s own problems that I have to solve because the glass reflects some of the light back into the room. But I’ll figure that out…

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  5. John W.

    I bought one of these a year ago for one of my fish tanks, it still works great, I just bought a longer one for another tank.

    Just measure your tank to make sure you order the right size.

    They are bright.
    I use them as my primary light source and my plants are thriving.
    It really enhances the colors in my tanks.

    I found the remote control easy to use and with the timer I never forget to turn the lights off or on.

    My only real problem was that the suction cups, don’t stay stuck but since I use it outside the tank like a regular light strip it’s not a big issue for me.

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    hygger 24/7 Mode Submersible Aquarium LED Light, Full Spectrum Hidden Fish Tank Light with 3 Rows Beads 7 Colors Auto On Off…
    hygger 24/7 Mode Submersible Aquarium LED Light, Full Spectrum Hidden Fish Tank Light with 3 Rows Beads 7 Colors Auto On Off…


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