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Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches



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  • Specially designed for quiet spinning
  • Encourages healthy exercise
  • 8.5″ diameter
  • Best for hamsters and rats
  • Free standing or attach directly to any wire cage
  • TIP: To keep your Comfort Wheel running quiet, place a few drops of vegetable oil on the wheel hub where the wheel spins.
  • Colors vary from purple, green, or blue

Specification: Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches

Item Weight

0.23 Kilograms

Warranty Description

If you’re not completely satisfied with any Kaytee product, return the unused portion with the cash register receipt to: KAYTEE Guarantee 521 Clay Street Chilton, WI 53014


Central Garden & Pet

Item model number


Date First Available

June 20, 2004

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

9.78 x 8.39 x 4.5 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

8.25 x 8.25 x 9.75 inches

Brand Name


Target Audience Keyword

guinea-pigs, small-animal-pets, rabbits, rats, ferrets, hamsters, mice, chinchillas, gerbils^hamsters


Use free-standing or attach to wire cage





Model Name

Comfort Exercise Wheel


8.5", ‎Large



Age Range Description

All Life Stages

Care Instructions

Wash with a mild soap solution, rinse thoroughly with clean water to ensure the removal of soap residue, then dry completely

Number of Items



Heavy Duty

Breed Recommendation


Included Components

Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches

Specific Uses for Product


5 reviews for Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches

4.4 out of 5
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  1. CSC

    So I bought this about a month ago for my new chinchilla. He loves the wheel, BUT it constantly falls apart. If I have the stand attached, the stand separates from the wheel. If I have it just connected to the cage, it moves and falls off the cage. My poor little fur baby is not without a wheel for a few days until the new one I ordered (hopefully sturdier) arrives. I know my chin runs really fast (enough to shake the entire cage) so this could have something to do with it. I would definitely not recommend for an animal that runs fast. My chin also chews on the stand, and it is wearing away at whatever coating is on the stand itself. It is also incredibly loud–I can hear it half way across the house through a closed door. I will say that it is incredibly easy to clean. I am a little disappointed because I always love Kaytee product and use them for my birds. I hate to say it, but this wheel was a waste of money. It’s better to just spend the extra money on a decent wheel in the first place.

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  2. Elizabeth Jimenez

    It’s amazing! My hamster used to use a 5 inch and his back was -a -bending, so I decided to buy him an 8 inch, he’s a Syrian but his back doesn’t bend on this one! (amazing!) the only thing is, it’s not silent.. but that’s fine! I have a hatch to block out all his noise 😂 Definitely recommend!

    From Mr. Bear🐹 ❤️

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  3. R. Simmons

    The media could not be loaded.

     I got my niece two new baby gerbils for her birthday and settled on this wheel vs other smaller ones or the ones with a mesh wire grate or the really expansive ones. I was worried this might be to big for them to spin up or stop once its going as they are so small, but it’s working out just fine. Once they figure out what it is they probally spend an hour or more a day in it.
    But it’s not without its faults, here are the pros and cons that we have observed.

    – The gerbils love it and use it so that’s the main point.
    – Even though its big it rotates freely so they can get it going with no problem. Also its not so massive that they can’t stop.
    – The entire wheel is solid so unlike the wire mesh kind there is no way their little paws can get stuck in the mesh and injured. Also since the entire wheel is solid it contains all their pee as they do pee while running on it. So you won’t get pee slung around their enclosure like other kinds.
    – The wire stand it mounts onto pulls right off and the wheel can be pulled off the post it rotates on making cleaning a snap. We just put it in the kitchen sink and spray it with sanitizer and rise it all out. Also since the wheel just slides off the mount you can ditch the stand if you have a wire cage and mount it to your cages bars. Our tank is a 20 gallon aquarium so we need the stand.

    – Since they will pee in it as they are running you need to be prepared to clean it every other day as it gets rank pretty quick. The plus side is that it contains all the pee and it dries on the wheel until cleaning. And since the pee can’t get slung out into their tank or bedding it keeps their bedding and tank cleaner much longer.
    – The wheel is pretty loud! The gerbils are in their own room, but you can hear them when they jump on it. I cut out a felt circle and mounted it the shaft the wheel buts up to and that cut the noise down in half but it’s still loud because of a few of the other reasons below.
    – The wheel is really out of balance and they can get it rotating very fast so it shakes badly contributing to its noise profile.
    – The wire mount has a bit of a spring action to it contributing to the vibration and noise as well.
    – As the wheel spins it will start rotating due to gyroscopic progression (look it up). What this means is that it will start turning on its axis 90degs to the direction of the wheels spin and eventually hit anything like the side of your tank, etc. You’ll just have to either reset it every day or weigh it down.

    For the price it can’t be beat. The Gerbils do compete to use it so if you have more than one you probally need to get a second wheel. Once I can expand their enclosure I’m gong to get them a second wheel.

    A few pics and a slow-mo vid attached. Keep in mind that these are new gerbils that are only like 2 months old and are pretty small. I can’t see how they would be comfortable in one of those 6 inch wheels!

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  4. Elizabeth Jimenez

    One of my children loves hamsters and two years ago we purchased one to be just hers. He was an extremely large, fat hamster and had outgrown his wheel. My daughter had been asking for ages for a new wheel and I finally purchased this large hamster wheel for him. The sad thing is he only used it a few days. I suppose I should have seen it coming as he was quite old.

    Well, last week we headed to the pet store and adopted a beautiful white hamster. He is much smaller and thinner than the last one, but he loves his wheel and runs on it all night long.

    My daughter says the wheel is not silent, but has a rhythmic sound. Not loud, but It definitely makes a noise when moving. What makes this wheel better than her last one, is it is not metal and does not have the mesh which sometimes the little guy would get his feet stuck into. The only drawback to an enclosed wheel, is hamsters are not picky on where they pee and so the wheel gets filthy now and then.

    The wheel fits fine at one end of a 10 gallon tank. We also have other habitats and tubes for the little guy to roam about as the tank would be too small with the wheel, house, food dishes and water all placed in the tank. But again everything I mentioned is in the 10 gallon tank and the wheel fits perfectly.

    Extremely large – even our old hamster which is one of the largest I have ever seen fit on it just fine
    No mesh so little feet do not get hurt
    Inexpensive – by far the cheapest wheel out there for the size
    Fits in the 10 gallon tank

    Not silent

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  5. R. Simmons

    Received the light florescent green, beautiful color in person!
    Within minutes of adding the wheel to my dwarf hamster’s habitat,
    he went over to the wheel, inspected it, and started spinning away.
    Funny part, it wasn’t even night time which is their normal time up, lol.

    Yes, the wheel is noisy but I’m happy he is getting much needed exercise!
    Tried other wheels and he only slept all day. He is much more energetic now!
    He mostly spins away now during night hours but sometimes takes a quick spin
    during the day.

    The 5.5 inches wheel is perfect for dwarf hamsters or small size animals.
    Great this wheel comes in a variety of sizes to best suit our little ones!

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    Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches
    Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches


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