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Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter



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  • WITH ROTATING BIO-WHEEL: Patented Bio-Wheel technology provides excellent wet/dry biological filtration.
  • MULTI-STAGE FILTRATION: Delivers mechanical, chemical and biological aquarium filtration to maintain a clean aquatic environment.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Use with Marineland Rite-Size Filter Cartridges (see individual filter for sizing recommendations).
  • FIVE SIZES: Available in 75 GPH, 100 GPH, 150 GPH, 200 GPH and 350 GPH sizes.
  • Age range description: All Life Stages

Specification: Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

15.25 x 6.12 x 8 inches, 3.53 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

June 20, 2004



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  1. Shiprekd

    I used to work as a marine biologist for a major state aquarium. Marineland bio pumps have been around forever. I have been using them for both salt and freshwater tanks in gallon sizes ranging from 10-200. All have worked flawlessly and I will continue to use them as both primary and secondary systems. They are far superior to anything except canister systems BUT in some ways, better than canister filters due to ease of maintenance. I will pick 3-4 of these at one time over a single system any day. Simply, one goes down (breaks), another is still keeping your tank clean and filtered. Please read!!! your fish and you will be much happier and stun everyone else…


    1) You don’t have to shut it down. Pull the cartridge, rinse the new one with distilled water, slowly replace it back in the formed slots. No shutting down valves, seals/o-ring probs etc..

    2) They’re pretty quiet but can get the “bubbling noise” when your water level drops below a certain point.Typically just below the flat part of the outlets. It won’t hurt it or the fish if it does, it just gets that “noisy” waterfall sound which some, people feel it’s soothing. Keeping the water level up is a good thing and remember, those bio wheels add oxygen to the water. Canisters don’t.

    3) They are easy to fix unless the actual motor goes bad. A wheel sticks? clean the roller pins and slots. 5 minutes. Impeller stops? try pulling and just clean the surfaces of the magnet and cavity; again a 5 minute job. You do have to unplug it for those two jobs.

    A) Do yourself a huge favor and buy an extra set or two of cartridges. They are easily found from mom-n-pop pet stores to large chain stores. You CAN rinse the old ones in an emergency.

    B) Go to the grocery store and get a gl jug of distilled water and keep it. Reason? tap and even well water has trace elements and minerals that will kill the beneficial bacteria and cause a cloudy white appearance (bacterial bloom) for a cpl days.

    C) Motor/impeller maintenance – Unplug the pump. Lift the cover off, grab the intake tube (square) and slightly wiggle while pulling upward. Clean with a paper towel and white vinegar on the rubber “grommets” and silver pins you see.Basically, make sure everything that is suppose to spin, does so smoothly.

    D) Bio wheel sticking – Just lift the cover off. No need to unplug. Lift the sticking wheel outuse a Q-tip to clean the slots where the wheel rests. Lightly clean the silver roller pins on the ends. Replace. DO NOT CLEAN OR WASH the paper wheel itself.

    Sounds like work?? it’s not… A canister or in tank filter is ten times more work and messy.

    These are awesome filters.. Get it and take heed to what I wrote. You’ll be happy with it….

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  2. Yockomo

    Box came to the door with no additional padding, just a box like right from the store! Upside down on my doorstep. Turned it over…tinkle-tinkle, uh-oh. Opened the box, everything seemed O.K. Took off the elastic band took everything out. Everything was O.K. Put it together, poured in water , plugged it in, terrific, No sound, good flow, no water tinkle Everything perfect. I have one in my other tank for 20 + years and still works great. To clean, take out the impeller. There may be threads of algae twisted and hard to see. Take off algae with tweezers and even small pointed sharp scissors. Clean out the tubes, impeller housing etc. Also the inside where the impeller sits. I do this with a tooth brush and aquarium snake brushes. Leave the roller alone! Just clean off and rinse the filter(s), they last for months. Effectiveness of charcoal is give or take, lots of hype, little substance. Yes, filters look ugly dirty, again just rinse off and scrape with tooth brush. Change when it clogs up again in a day or three or when blue medium is too thin and charcoal falls out. Been doing this for over 20 years with no fish casualties, everyone is happy you will be to with this filter if it is taken care of properly. Clean when water overflows and roller stops rolling.

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  3. Irvine7

    I have used these Marineland hang on back filters for decades. They are noisy, but they work great. I finally broke down and bought a $210 cannister filter. I was always nervous about a leak and water all over. While that has not happened in the 9-months I have had my cannister filter, my tank is not as clear. And cleaning the cannister filter is messy and heavy.
    I am moving back to this Marineland Hang on Back filter. I like that you can see the filter medium, and can see when to change the filter cartridges. And I like that the activated charcoal keeps the water clear and odor-free.
    While the bio-wheels are noise with splashing-water sound, they hold the “good” bacteria that keep the water balanced.
    A little more sound for a cleaner and clearer tank is well worth it.
    Happy to be back to this Marineland BioWheel HOB filter again

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  4. Andre Deherrera

    These are great filters for a fantastic price (using Amazon Prime). I have several different brands of filters on my four tanks, and the Penguins rock!

    I’m just going to add my two cents along with the other five- and four-star reviewers. Don’t pay attention to the people who give these filters bad ratings. Their issues are coming from ignorant use of the filters. These filters do not self-prime. You must fill the filter reservoir(s) up all the way before attempting to start the filter. If you do not, you will burn the filter out. This is why the one-star people keep killing multiple filters the first day they have them. And as for sound, these filters are incredibly quiet. I have a Penguin 200 running alongside an AC50 in my 29g (yes, I like to over-filter haha) and the Penguin is quieter than the more expensive/trendy AquaClear.
    The Penguin moves the water very well. If you raise your water level to just over the outflow lip, you will get great surface ripples that extend out to the front of the tank. Greater ripples=greater surface agitation=greater oxygenation of the water. Having the water angle out more laterally also helps get the tank’s water to turn over better. My AC dumps the water downwards, which is great in that one spot but does not create a strong barrel current in the tank like the Penguin does.
    The Penguin 200 has two cartridge slots. I use the first slot for mechanical filtration (I wrap quilting batting around an old plastic cartridge), and Marineland also offers empty cartridge baskets online that you can fill with Biomax, carbon, etc. It also features the Biowheel, which grows beneficial bacteria on it, further increasing your bio filtration. The 350 model is the same; it just has four cartridge slots and two bio wheels.
    When first running, the wheel spins fairly fast and can create a trickle sound. This bothered me the first couple of days, but soon became therapeutic…just like any of those noise machines people use to simulate the sound of streams, rain, etc. to help them sleep. That being said, after a month or two has passed and the Biowheel begins to slow down a bit from the weight of the stuff growing on it, the trickle noise will disappear completely a the wheel will not be moving fast enough to fling the water with such force.
    Breakdown and maintenance is easy. Just be sure to thoroughly clean out the filter once every month or two. As long as you’re not over-feeding or stay on top of your tank cleaning, the filter should not have any issues remaining fairly clean. To all new hobbyists: DO NOT rinse your filter cartridges/pads nor the Biowheel with tap water. The chlorine in your city water will kill your beneficial bacteria and your cycle will crash.
    The intake tube has a wonderful adjustable vent towards the top of the tube. This allows the filter to pull in water from both the top and bottom of the tank. You can close it if you want more pull from the bottom, but I like to keep mine open all the way as it helps draw in water that is normally in a dead spot directly below the filter.

    I love the Penguins and just ordered another 350 to go alongside the Aqua-Tech 30-60 filter in my new 55g. A side note: both the Aqua-Tech 30-60 and Penguin 200/350 share the same types of cartridges. The Aqua-Tech 30-60 actually looks the exact same as the Penguins…just without the Biowheel 🙂

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  5. suzie faucher

    Il fonctionne très bien, vous devez mettre de l’eau a l’intérieur avant de le brancher pour assurer un bon départ, Il garde l’eau vraiment clair

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    Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter
    Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter


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