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Penn-Plax AN2 Aqua Nursery and Hatchery Breeding Box for Your Aquarium – Help Protect Baby Fish from Predators



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  • Automatic Circulation: Gently Coaxes Fry Away From The Mother, As Well Serves To Eliminate Stagnant Water
  • Natural And Clever Way To Breed: The Penn Plax Aqua Nursery And Hatchery Keeps Baby Fish Safe And Separate
  • Separate Tanks: An Innovative Breeding Box | The Tube Gently Transfers Fry Into A Separate Tank
  • Package Dimensions: 6.5″ L X 5.5″ W X 4.5″ H

Specification: Penn-Plax AN2 Aqua Nursery and Hatchery Breeding Box for Your Aquarium – Help Protect Baby Fish from Predators

Item Weight

10.1 ounces


Rinse in warm water before placing in tank



Item model number


Date First Available

August 19, 2004

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

5.67 x 4.8 x 4.09 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

4 x 5 x 6 inches

Brand Name


Target Audience Keyword




Model Name

Penn-Plax AN2 Aqua Nursery and Hatchery Breeding Box for Your Aquarium – Help Protect Baby Fish from Predators

Warranty Description








Age Range Description

All Life Stages

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Included Components

Automatic circulating hatchery

Specific Uses for Product


5 reviews for Penn-Plax AN2 Aqua Nursery and Hatchery Breeding Box for Your Aquarium – Help Protect Baby Fish from Predators

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Monty

    I’m actually using this to connect it to a breeder box for the purpose of an automated egg collector. The overall build of this prodocut is pretty good and the way it configures is simple. Would be good for the purposes of putting some endlers or guppies in it if that’s your intention.

    The bad part about this is how fragile it appears to be (might just be unfortunate for my specific piece). It arrived with some small cracks and a few more appeared a couple of days later. I fixed it up with a little super glue, not sure if it was a defective unit that had some stress on it but it was a simple enough fix that I didn’t start a return.

    My suggestion if you buy this is to just look at it very closely, maybe fill it with some water just to make sure there aren’t problems. In my case the cracks messed with the suction capability for eggs but it may have been a non issue for fish fry (its regular intended use). Overall decent little product, good value compared to building something from scratch! 😀

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  2. Brittany

    Out of the box one of the plastic pieces broke when assembling. I glued it and it worked. I tried to use it again today and the nozzle where the air line connects to the fry collector snapped clean off, rendering this useless.
    Great design (and worked excellent after initial repair), but cheap plastic fittings makes this a bust.

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  3. Beryl Roberts

    I was a bit skeptical given some of the reviews, but this thing worked perfectly for me. Everything fit together snugly–no rubber bands needed!
    The only tiny hurdle was that the tube that moves the fry from the main chamber to the side one was indeed at little too long, causing it to kink. Trimmed off the extra quarter of an inch with regular scissors in about thirty seconds. I’d rather it be a little too long than not reach across. And of course watch out for back flow to the air pump since this is likely to be sitting higher up. I put in a check valve just in case and had no problem.
    I have the tiniest air pump money can buy and the suction was almost perfect. The fry were immediately drawn below the green layer where momma couldn’t get at them. One or two made the full journey right away and more a bit later. They have to get right up to the mouth of the tube for the current to be too strong for them to fight, but it was easy enough to shoo the rest through once momma was out, and they were perfectly safe the whole time so I was very happy.
    This design is excellent. The slits that let water in are very thin, much smaller than they look in the picture because they are tapered from outside to in to encourage flow. This nursery gets excellent circulation and I can’t picture any fry escaping.
    The side chamber is easy to remove–much easier than trying to net a bunch of tiny endler fry, and way less stressful for them! It’s been two weeks and I’ve had zero mortaliy, so this product certainly did it’s job.
    In conclusion, this nursery is a bit of a precision instrument compared to others, but with a little fiddling (almost none in my case) it does a great job ensuring the health and safety of your fry! Beats a box with holes and eagle eyeing your pregnant fish in my book.

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  4. scott boggs

    This thing really works. Once you attach it to an airline tube, it really does draw the fry down and into the other chamber. I left a guppy in it one night when I noticed her in labor and woke up the next morning to find the small chamber full of fry. My next attempt will be with a cauliflower sabertail (swordtail) that is VERY valuable.

    The side chamber doesn’t like to sit well though. And most of that is because the tube connecting the two chambers is often too long, leaving the side chamber too far out. So you’ll want to cut that tube down a bit so the side chamber sits properly. The lid on the larger chamber also needs to be SECURELY in place, or the fish can freak out, bump it, and knock it off.

    My only real problem with this (and with many breeder “traps”) is that they are so small. There isn’t enough room for the poor females to swim around. Mollies and swordtails basically have to stay still the entire time they are in there. So if you don’t know *when* they got pregnant, you probably have to leave them in there for days or weeks – or hope you catch them when they first start going into labor. There needs to be a larger version, or perhaps several V-shaped traps can be attached together to fit a particular tank (like a 10-gallon) so the adults have the top of the tank and the fry slip through to the bottom.

    Aside from the size, this is definitely an efficient way to save the fry of very valuable fish. I’m sure it would work for scattering egglayers too (like tetras and danios) but I haven’t tried it yet.

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  5. Bpmdub

    This breeder works OK but I prefer the Marina hang on breeders. This breeder is kind of bit and takes up a good amount of space in your aquarium. The main feature of this breeder is nice, in that if you have air hooked to it the fry will be pulled into the tube and into the cup away from the mother. This does not always work as I have seen in many cases where even with the air on full the fry is still able to swim away and not be sucked up. I have had more issues with fish waste and food getting sucked into the tube and clogging it before any fry can be pulled in. It comes with the same aluminum strips you get with net breeders to hang it to the side of the aquarium and just like the ones that come with the net breeders they are flimsy and never seem to hold the breeder in the position it needs to be held in to work properly. I still continue to use this as it is better than the net breeders or the floating breeders just not as nice as the hang on breeders I mainly use now.

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    Penn-Plax AN2 Aqua Nursery and Hatchery Breeding Box for Your Aquarium – Help Protect Baby Fish from Predators
    Penn-Plax AN2 Aqua Nursery and Hatchery Breeding Box for Your Aquarium – Help Protect Baby Fish from Predators


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