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Pet Grooming Brush and Metal Comb Combo, Cat Brush Dog Brush for Shedding, Undercoat Rake for Dogs Grooming Supplies, Dematting Deshedding Brush…



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  • 【Easy Dematting and Deshedding Tools】: Our Grooming brush and comb combo help effortlessly dematting and reduces shedding. A must have dog brush for shedding, pet supplies, cat supplies, dog supplies metal comb for dogs shedding.
  • 【Safe Design】: Soft and protective edge brush and comb creating a comfortable feeling while detangling matted hair and deshedding without hurting your pet. Perfect metal comb for dogs, dematting comb for cats, undercoat rake for dogs double coat.
  • 【2-in-1 Rake】: Our undercoat rake is perfect for medium and long-haired dogs and cats and other double coat pets. Wide side for easy dematting, dense side for deshedding. Well made deshedding tool, grooming brush and deshedder brush for dogs.
  • 【2-in-1 Comb】: Wide sided for comb knot, smoothing and modeling your pet’s hair, dense side for removal of loosen hair, you can use it on the legs, head or tail of your pets where the brush can’t. Perfect metal comb for dogs, dematting comb for cats deshedding tool for dogs.
  • 【Sturdy and Comfortable Design】: Premium Stainless steel metal teeth and compact design make our product sturdy and durable. High-quality & lightweight TPR handle make your grooming effortlessly. High-quality undercoat rake for dogs double coat, metal comb for dogs, dematting comb for cats, dog comb for matted hair.

Specification: Pet Grooming Brush and Metal Comb Combo, Cat Brush Dog Brush for Shedding, Undercoat Rake for Dogs Grooming Supplies, Dematting Deshedding Brush…

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7.39 x 4.17 x 1.65 inches, 7.05 Ounces

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5 reviews for Pet Grooming Brush and Metal Comb Combo, Cat Brush Dog Brush for Shedding, Undercoat Rake for Dogs Grooming Supplies, Dematting Deshedding Brush…

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  1. Amazon Customer

    As a devoted dog owner, I have always been on the hunt for the perfect grooming tool to keep my furry friend looking and feeling their best. My quest finally ended when I stumbled upon the ultimate deshedding brush. With its user-friendly design and remarkable deshedding capabilities, this grooming tool has become an irreplaceable asset in my pet care routine.

    Ease of Use:
    One of the standout features of this deshedding brush is its incredible ease of use. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in my hand, allowing for extended grooming sessions without any discomfort. The brush’s lightweight design ensures that both my dog and I can enjoy the grooming process. Even with my dog’s wiggles and jiggles, the brush glides effortlessly through their fur, making grooming a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both of us.

    Efficient Deshedding:
    When it comes to tackling shedding, this brush is a game-changer. Its specially designed bristles target loose fur and effectively remove it, significantly reducing the amount of hair left behind on furniture and clothing. Not only does it help maintain a cleaner living environment, but it also promotes healthy skin and coat for my beloved pooch. The deshedding process is so efficient that I find myself using it more frequently, and my dog seems to relish the attention and pampering.

    Gentle on the Coat:
    Despite its powerful deshedding capabilities, this brush remains gentle on my dog’s coat. The rounded bristle tips prevent any discomfort or scratching, ensuring that grooming remains a positive and relaxing experience for my pet. It effectively removes loose fur without causing any harm to the topcoat, preserving the natural luster and texture of my dog’s coat.

    Easy Maintenance:
    Cleaning and maintaining the brush are as hassle-free as grooming itself. The bristles are designed for easy removal of collected fur, and with a quick rinse under water, the brush is ready for the next grooming session. Its durable construction ensures that it retains its effectiveness and reliability even after numerous grooming sessions.

    This deshedding brush proves to be versatile, suitable for various coat types and dog breeds. Whether my dog has long, short, or medium fur, the brush adapts flawlessly to the specific grooming needs of each coat type. This versatility makes it a must-have tool for any dog owner, regardless of their pet’s breed or coat length.

    In conclusion, the deshedding brush has exceeded my expectations and proven to be an essential tool for maintaining my dog’s coat and promoting a clean living space. Its ease of use, efficient deshedding capabilities, gentle grooming experience, and versatility make it a top-notch choice for any dog owner. If you’re seeking a grooming tool that simplifies the deshedding process and strengthens the bond between you and your furry companion, look no further than this remarkable deshedding brush. It’s truly a dog owner’s dream come true.

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  2. Tom

    I’ve had German Shepherd Dogs for 30 years and always done the grooming myself. This brush came recommended from a friend in a group that I Mod on FB. The pup pictured is 16mos old and a “Plush” or medium coated dog. His first puppy “blow-out” was more hair than I’d ever seen come off a single dog, but since then the effectiveness of this brush makes his maintenance a breeze. I use both sides of the brush depending on the season, whether he’s been swimming or running in the brush as I use it to check for ticks at the same time. There are likely much cheaper and much more expensive brushes, but I’ve personally never found one more effective.

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  3. ArmyWife78

    Our first summer with our husky and MY, OH, MYYYYY…. have a wire bristled brush for undercoats and would get TONS off of her then 5 minutes later fan catches her and whooosh….. flying floofy dog floo-lets all in my Straws, or food, or whatever I’m trying to enjoy at the moment… so we got this… and THIS BAD BOY does a thousand times more with less effort… it took so much off of her at one time I had to hold the vacuum hose between my knees and headlock the dog because it gets so much fur off in one swipe that there’s too much for the brush to hold onto and up, up, away it goes…. unless you have the vacuum right there and on the whole time…

    She seriously looks anorexic now we’ve gotten so much undercoat off of her…not even the GROOMERS did as good a job!!

    Bravo!! Really well done ♡🐺🐾♥︎🐺🐾♥︎🐺🐾♡

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  4. AMZNreviewer

    This deshedder tool does exactly what it’s designed to do.

    My cat has a knack for shedding, especially after a regular brush. But thanks to this remarkable tool, dealing with his fur has become a breeze. What’s even better is that my cat doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

    The amount of stray fur this deshedder tool removes from his undercoat is unbelievable. It’s like a magic wand for cat hair. It saves me from endless cleaning and vacuuming.

    If you’re a pet owner, especially a cat parent, this tool is a must have. It gets the job done with ease, and I can’t recommend it enough for a fur free, happy home!

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  5. Tom

    I got this out of desperation, because no matter how often I brushed my cat I’d still find globs of cat hair everywhere, and nothing I owned was safe. Wearing mostly black is all fun and games, until you’re running away from your furry friend before work like your life depends on it because you JUST lint rolled.
    Using this periodically, we are back to our snuggles and stress free goodbye hugs before leaving the house.
    THIS THING WORKS. I created a whole second cat over the span of a few days. My cat loves being brushed (anything that’s remotely attention to be honest) but I’ve noticed he seems to prefer this over the brush we were using previously. He even rolls over to let me get his belly. Point being – it felt almost like it was “too rough” to be used on him (almost like a slight tugging in the fur) but he seemed extremely comfortable the entire time. If you want to save your furniture, clothes, anything you own really…. buy this already.

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    Pet Grooming Brush and Metal Comb Combo, Cat Brush Dog Brush for Shedding, Undercoat Rake for Dogs Grooming Supplies, Dematting Deshedding Brush…
    Pet Grooming Brush and Metal Comb Combo, Cat Brush Dog Brush for Shedding, Undercoat Rake for Dogs Grooming Supplies, Dematting Deshedding Brush…


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