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Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites – (24) 5.5 oz. Cans

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  • Salmon or tuna wet cat food variety packs featuring the Friskies taste cats love, including brown rice or peas for flavorful variety
  • Cat food wet pate and cat food in gravy formulas made with natural salmon or natural tuna with visible accents of brown rice or peas in each recipe
  • Palate-pleasing cat food with pate or Meaty Bits gravy cat food texture with no artificial colors or preservatives
  • 100 percent complete and balanced adult cat food, including essential nutrients to help cats thrive
  • Purina cat food wet pate or gravy packaged in convenient pull-top cat food cans for easy serving

Specification: Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites – (24) 5.5 oz. Cans

Package Dimensions

10.59 x 7.05 x 6.09 inches, 8.25 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

January 6, 2020


Nestle Purina Pet

5 reviews for Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites – (24) 5.5 oz. Cans

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Pat B

    UPDATE 3/18/2023 –
    The packaging seems to be getting much better. Especially the Super Supper where cans have been tightly plastic wrapped – 4 cans to a wrap. Don’t know if its from and individual vendor or amazon but hope they keep up the much better packaging. All the loss of broken, spilt cans is very costly to buyers.
    The cat family 14 to 16 at any given time – 3 indoor, the rest outside with some freeloaders all love this Liver and Chicken. Whatever was done to make it better for our kitties and less waste to out pocketbooks is appreciated. Times are too hard to accept such bad stuff that was coming.

    UPDATE – 1/21/22
    So I’ve been closely watching between these 2 types of pate and how the cats reacted to each. The CHICKEN AND TUNA seems to be the culprit that they sniffed, threw up and walked away from.

    The LIVER AND CHICKEN I served them today they ate. So far nothing coming back up.
    In this day of turmoil with so many people out sick…Quality Control in many places takes a hit also.

    UPDATE 1/1722 –
    I’ve been purchasing 3 to 4 cases each of the Purina Friskies Liver and Chicken Pate and Chicken and Tuna Pate through Subscribe and Save through last year and so far this year. It was my “go to” addition along with the dry food. I had planned on increasing this order. But have cancelled all Purina Pate flavors!

    The recent order of 4 cases of each flavor at the end of December, (what has been used so far is 2 cases). One of these I just opened has made all 13 of my cats sick!! They won’t touch the stuff and walk away after sniffing it. A FEW WHO HAVE EATEN IT HAVE THROWN IT UP. To throw all of this in the trash or ??? is at a great cost and loss of money not to mention hurtful to my animals. I used to trust Purina. But have cancelled my Subscribe and Save orders for these until this can be rectified on some way by Purina. Recall??? Refund??? Will I trust Purina again??

    It’s hard to know what is safe these cats to eat any more as things keep changing, it seems. I have been a faithful purchaser of Purina Pate’ Wet Cat Food for several years.

    The 10 outside ferals and 3 inside spoiled kitties used to love them. They only prefer the pate’ so that’s what they get. They do not like the other textures. But lately with these reviews, and the ever higher costs, its such a waste of money and, most importantly cat health when we trust they will receive nourishing food and we get bad food. So far things seem to be OK with them on some of the wet foods. Sometimes they will just only eat their dry food and not eat the wet food at all. That gets too costly.

    I do find they do not eat the Mixed Grill, nor the shreds, or fillets at all. Never have. So I don’t waste my money buying that. The outrageously high costs of pet food is going higher and there does not seem to be a reason for it or an end to it. Especially here on amazon. So I look elsewhere.

    The local market where I shop now only carries the small cans of one kind of the higher end/higher cost brand. The shelves are empty of any other brand of cat food. So I’ve pretty much reached my price limit there. And possible here, too.

    For me, I’ve found that its been cheaper and healthier for my cats to buy a few large packages of fresh chicken – 10 or so chicken thighs to a package – at the market to cut up into pieces along with mixing with dry cat food. I put 2 thighs, for example, into each freezer bag and freeze them. I thaw them and give them to my cats about once a week. Two thighs cut up into small pieces can go for at least 4 to 5 meals mixed with dry cat food. I also add in to their meal, occasionally, a grated apple. This is for 13 cats.

    I make bone broth with the chicken bones and fat. Then add some of the broth to the dry food mix. Or I will just give them the raw bones after I’ve cut off the meat for them (never the cooked bones that splinter. They only get the raw bones to munch on, as they would eat in the wild.)

    A meal of this kind for the cats goes a long way to their better health and my pocket book.

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  2. Gail Queen

    My cats love this stuff. They go crazy for it. I love the easy to use, easy to get out pate. The lids are the pop tab kind and makes for easy open. I have issues with opening cans at times so this make that effortless. The pate doesn’t smell awful like some. It smells like hamburger to me. My cats adore it thanks! It is the perfect amount for my cats as well. A can for each. I feed mine just one a day as they eat dry food as well.

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  3. BLM

    No problem with this cat food my fussy cat loves it. Somewhere along the line, it was dropped and some of the cans burst open, not Friskies’s fault.

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  4. Allys26

    Since I did get this for my cats, it’s a good thing that they did like it. I personally am not a fan of the gravy thing. And it doesn’t seem like my particular cats liked it better than regular pate. And I think this food is messier than regular pate, or even the shreds.

    I feed over 20 cats in a cat community that I take care of, and the cans with the extra gravy always opened with the biggest mess, if there was going to be one. Any kitty who was enthusiastic about getting fed and bumped into my hand as I was putting down the dish gravy went everywhere.

    I think the price is good, the quality of the food is good, the cats enjoy it, there are other others that I like better and with less mess.

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  5. Lena

    Excellent price by many times not only love is my little doggy too

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    Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites – (24) 5.5 oz. Cans
    Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites – (24) 5.5 oz. Cans


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