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rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips, Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest, Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy…



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  • Adjustable Dog Harness – Recommended Breeds: Small to Large Dogs, such as Golden Retriever, Huskie, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, Akita, etc. Please measure the size carefully before purchasing this present for your puppy. Make your puppy stand out with this Classic Black Harness!
  • No Pull, No Choke – Our non-pulling dog harness is specially designed with 2 metal leash rings for safer dog walks. Use the chest attachment clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks, perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The back one is great for casual walks, jogging, hiking, etc
  • Easy to Use – This hassle-free overhead harness is easy to put on and take off with its 2 fast-release buckles. Slide the harness over your dog’s head, buckle it up, adjust the straps, and here you go! Grab the top handle for additional control. Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Fully Adjustable – This adjustable harness features 4 easy adjusting straps around the body. You can use its 2 neck straps and 2 chest straps to create a perfect fit for your dog with some room of growth. No worries about slipping out or choking
  • Safe and Comfortable – Your dog will enjoy the daily walk in this comfort dog harness! Made of sturdy nylon oxford and padded with soft cushion to protect your dog’s skin. Breathable air mesh keeps your dog cool during outdoor activities. Super bright reflective strips ensure a safe walk both day and night

Specification: rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips, Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest, Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy…

Item Weight

0.3 Kilograms

Warranty Description

Complete service against any quality-related issues.

Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

October 19, 2016

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

11.3 x 7.48 x 2.05 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

0.59 x 9.09 x 14.21 inches

Brand Name


Target Audience Keyword

Dogs, dogs


User Instructions: 1. Unbuckle: Unbuckle the chest straps. 2. Put-on: Slide your dog's head through the front opening, with the D-ring and the Logo facing up on the back. 3. Adjust: Adjust the Neck and Chest Straps accordingly to fit your dog's body. Adjust 4 straps to fit your dog's body. 4. Secure: Buckle up on both sides of the chest using 2 side-buckles. 5. "2-finger rule": You should be able to fit 2 fingers between your dog's body and any part of the harness.





Model Name





Nylon, ‎Polyester

Age Range Description

All Life Stages

Care Instructions

If the harness gets wet or is washed, please allow it to air dry completely before having your furry friend wear it., Hand Wash Only, Not chew-proof.

Number of Items



Dog Harness Vest

Breed Recommendation

Golden Retriever, Huskie, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, Akita, Bulldog

Included Components

1 Dog Harness

Specific Uses for Product


5 reviews for rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips, Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest, Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy…

4.8 out of 5
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  1. VC

    I bought this product back in 2021 and it has stood the test of time, barely has any wear and tear at all. I use it multiple times a day and have machine washed and dried it as well. It works great for my 65lb Border Collie mix. Fits her without chaffing and is adjustable (with some effort). Easy to put on and take off and is quality made. I recommend buying this if your dog tends to pull or is a larger dog.

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  2. Sandra

    We’ve had this harness for about 3 years and it still is in great shape. The reflective straps are good for any evening walks or outdoor activities! This harness is great for walking and comfortable for our dog for long days out and about. Very easy to put on and take off, super durable in all weather conditions, and overall a great investment for leash training.

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  3. VC

    Truly no-pull: Cherry, our Labradoodle (now 7 years old) had the habit of pulling while we take her for walks when she was a puppy. After we started connecting her leash to the front buckle (ring) of this harness, she completely stopped pulling. That was 6+ years ago – the transformation was magical! Perhaps any harness with a front buckle would help, but this is the only harness we ever needed in 6+ years. 🙂

    Hands-free: If anyone is considering a hands-free walk with your dog, I can confirm that the Rabbitgoo harness works great with the “Mighty Paw Hands-Free Dog Leash” for a truly hands-free walk.

    Quality and Durability: It is a well built harness that looks and feels good, durable, adjustable to a firm fit and works well in all weathers. The harness has gotten wet so many times in rain and snow, but after it dries, it feels just fine and would have no odor left.

    Comfort: My dog is comfortable wearing it all day. She has been using it from 2017. At home, she’d be wearing only her collar, but on our road trips, she has worn it 12+ hours on several days and it never seemed to bother her. While in the car, we simply disconnect the leash and connect the harness to a “dog seat belt”. Thought this setup is nowhere as safe as using a real seat belt (of course), our use case is different – when attached to a “dog seat belt” and (1) she sticks her head out of the window, or (2) when we maneuver quick turns while she is still standing (both of which are highly probable events), we feel secure knowing that she won’t fall and get hurt. 🙂

    Sizing and adjustment: Cherry is a Medium (not standard) Labradoodle, 62 lbs when weighed recently. The large size harness fits great, with plenty of room to adjust (tighten or loosen) if required.

    – Bought a Medium size harness in 2017 => Lasted till she outgrew the harness.
    – Bought a Large size harness in 2021 => Still works fine.

    I came here to order the third one today, not because the old one is worn out (it still works!), but it really needed a wash and I could use a backup harness while the older one is in the laundry basket. 😀 That’s when I felt the urge to leave a review. Because it is one of those products that has touched our lives for so many years without us even giving it much thought, and it has delivered way more value than we imagined when we bought it first (for $13!). The design, quality and the commitment to continue making it available at such a reasonable price deserve appreciation! Cheers.

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  4. Liz Skinner

    I adopted a 3-yr old Great Pyrenees (99-lbs) from the Humane Society that had been both abused and neglected leaving her flea ridden and madded to the point of needing to be shaved from the neck down. She had clearly been physically abused for having the audacity to bark and was left afraid to the point of not moving or eating/ drinking for a day or two at a time (even with encouragement and fresh meat!). Seizing the opportunity during this Corona-Virus voluntary & govt. encouraged shelter in place, she has come a LONG way.

    This harness has enabled me to manage her (hear encourage her movement) in healthy and productive ways. Lifting up slightly on the handle and pulling forward has her walking voluntarily (reluctantly at first) toward scheduled activities like am-yard time, breakfast, grooming time, lead walking time, etc. The other two harnesses were not as effective. In fact, she fully resisted them and fearfully dug in to stay put. Once fitted properly, this Rabbitgoo harness worked the first time I tried it with her so it clearly puts the pressure in the correct spots without fostering fear or inflicting pain in an already traumatized dog.

    I highly recommend this harness and will buy more Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harnesses for my dogs, my fosters and my rescues in the future. There is enough difference in design, quality and fit that is not obvious just from comparing pictures when looking at varied brands online and in person. Please see some of those details here:

    ****** PROs ************

    * LOVE the design and cut of this harness: I was skeptical as it was “small footprint” of harness compared to some others I have used so I feared it would be as ineffective as the strap harnesses I tried with her already. Once fitted properly, it doesn’t chafe and the dog can’t get to it to chew it. She has tried, too. She rolls around on the grass in the yard trying to shimmy it so she can get it in her mouth. No JOY! thank-goodness. I have had other dogs get to harnesses this way (adjustment clips loosen, the harness/straps innately more accessible, etc.).

    * The reflective properties are fantastic and are visible from quite a distance (length of my dark street) according to my neighbor. Other harnesses have reflective properties but this is the first one in 20 years that my neighbor commented on so it is significantly more visible to her. I had that impression just from seeing the dog in the dark part of my fenced yard at night but my neighbor’s observation confirmed it for me. As we all know, the farther away a dog can be seen, the more likely a car is to not hit them if they get off lead or escape the yard.

    * Highly adjustable – Which is great for large dogs and especially if you have growing dogs and or mixed breeds such that chest and neck measurements along with arm pit needs can be challenging to meet without chafing. I tried it on my friend’s pit-bull and since it is an XLG I figured it would be too big. However, at the tighter end of the adjustments I could still get a decent fit though I would have chosen a large for the pitty if I were buying one. Her pit is 60 or 65 lbs just for comparison.

    * LOVE the metal leash rings. These are quality and not likely to break or fatigue like plastic rings on some other brand harnesses. Also, sewing on these rings is heavy duty and quality done. I am confident the rings will hold when and if they are stressed. I have no concerns about them breaking from fatigue or being pulled from the fabric in a heavy pull situation much less every day walking.

    ****** CONs ************

    * Wish the handle on top was thicker as it would be easier to grip and hold, especially in situations where the animal is excited/ frightened. I will add a foam grip/wrap. Other harnesses I have used have easier to grip handles. This is the primary reason for 4 stars rather than 5 stars.

    * This might need to be an observation but I wish the clips were metal rather than plastic as plastic tends to get brittle and or fatigue over time and exposure (UV, temperature changes, etc.). I haven’t had this long enough to see if this concern is justified but have had this experience with other harnesses so I’ll keep an eye.

    Perhaps a metal clip option could be an area of possible improvement? I recognize for dogs that are in the water, etc. metal has it’s own downsides (rust/ corrosion) but perhaps it’s an option. We’ll see if they fail in a year or two of consistent use, I’ll update here but they are quality plastic clips.

    ****** Observations ********

    * The advertised Lime Green is not Lime Green. It is Fluorescent Yellow.

    Not as huge a deal for this dog in this moment since she is my only rescue/foster and dog at the moment. However, I have had up to 6 at a time (Rotties primarily). The color matters when you color code for multiple dogs and they are the same breed/ color. All her other items are Lime Green so when I have multiples again in the future, I’ll have to deal with the color issue then. It looks more green in the online image than in reality. SEE PICTURE of Yuki ( pronounced Yookee ) in her Lime collar with her fluorescent yellow harness. The good news is fur is growing back from all the hots spots, flea bits and nervous self chewing!!!!! This harness has contributed to building confidence in me for her as we work together to overcome her fearfulness and build her confidence back.

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  5. SCUBAsabre

    I have now had this harness for several years and came back to review because it is the only harness I have had to use since then. I have a fox terrier/dachshund mix that is about 15 pounds. I have a really hard time finding things that fit because his neck is skinny compared to his chest. This was the perfect solution because you have a lot of flexibility in each strap to make it shorter or longer. This harness is sturdy without it being heavy too which I have also found with other similar styles. All the clasps are plastic of some kind, not metal, but I have had no issues with their integrity. Super quick and easy to take on and off too.

    We actually liked this one so much we got another one for our two cats. They are particularly slippery and will back out of their harnesses super easily unless they fit pretty tight so this was another win for us. We get to let our cats hang out on the porch or walk around outside with us without worrying about them running off.

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    rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips, Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest, Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy…
    rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips, Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest, Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy…


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