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Smart Automatic Cat Feeders – 6-L Reliable Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Display LCD Screen for Easy Set Up -Portion Control Automatic Dog…



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  • RELIABLE FEEDING – The automatic pet feeder will ensure your pet is fed at the designated time even when you’re working overtime, vacationing, sleeping, or otherwise occupied. Holds 6L of pet food – 6 daily meals for 35 days for a cat and 20 days for a small dog – and you can set up to 9 portions per meal.
  • HEALTH and HYGIENE – The auto cat feeder dispenses a preset amount of cat food every meal, ensuring your cat eats balanced meals and doesn’t overeat. Kibble stays fresh and crisp in the enclosed desiccant bag, and you can use the manual button for extra treats.
  • SIMPLE SETUP – Simple-to-operate LCD screen and detailed instructions ensure you can effortlessly set up a timed cat feeder to meet your specific needs. Record a message of up to 10 seconds to call your pet for feeding time so it feels loved and cared for in your absence.
  • PET-SAFE DESIGN – The top of this pet feeder automatically locks so it’s impossible for your pet to tip it or push their paws in to grab food. The feeder has a nonslip bottom and additional stickers are provided to keep it stable when your pet tries to shake it.
  • DEPENDABLE POWER SUPPLY – The gravity feeder is equipped with dual power supply and a special memory setting so that your pet can continue self-feeding even in the event of a power outage. The bowl is dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Specification: Smart Automatic Cat Feeders – 6-L Reliable Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Display LCD Screen for Easy Set Up -Portion Control Automatic Dog…

Product Dimensions

11.25 x 7.75 x 13 inches, 3.81 Pounds

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Date First Available

January 2, 2023



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5 reviews for Smart Automatic Cat Feeders – 6-L Reliable Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Display LCD Screen for Easy Set Up -Portion Control Automatic Dog…

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  1. Diana

    First of all, the user manual for putting it together and setting it up could have been a little clearer, but I think most of it wasn’t too hard to figure out yourself, nothing too complicated, so I don’t understand why some other reviews are saying it was difficult. I would’ve liked an explanation for what the little red rubbery circle sticker things that came with it are for, and also a how-to to put the lock strap on but so far the lid has been staying on just fine without it because it’s pretty snug, almost too snug actually because you have to fit it on just right and really push it down. My cats haven’t tried to knock one over yet so I don’t know how it holds up with that.

    The USB power cord is an awkward length, not long or short enough. I ordered three feeders and have two right by the outlet so there’s an excess amount of cord which can be annoying and hazardous if you have a cat that likes biting and/or playing with dangly cords (one of mine unplugged a feeder the first night and I had to reset the clock so I’ll be ordering an outlet protector), but my third feeder is by the kitchen counter and stretches up to the outlet, and if it were even an inch shorter and the feeder wasn’t on a little stand to make it taller, the cord would be too short and it’s still straining as it is. I almost wish it came with two cord options, one long and one short to accommodate different outlet distances or something maybe. I haven’t tried the batteries because every review on them says they’re hard to put in and I don’t know how long they’d last so I don’t think it’s worth the money to buy them separately.

    The metal bowl is kind of annoying if your cat pesters the feeder for more food. It doesn’t sit snugly so it just rattles around in place, and on that note is my biggest annoyance with these. The little propellers that dispense the food are flimsy plastic pieces with the dispensing opening being plenty big enough for a cat to get their paw up there. I don’t know if kibbles get stuck in the propellers when it dispenses or something, but one cat figured out that if she messes with the propellers it drops one kibble at a time, at least until it runs out i.e. she knocks any and all kibbles that got stuck out. She goes individually to all three feeders and messes with them until no more come out, and she does this multiple times throughout the day and night just to see if she can get more. It’s driving me up the wall and I don’t know how to fix it to prevent her from getting any treat/incentive from doing it.

    A minor inconvenience but easily ignored is the beep when the food dispenses, as well as the food hitting the metal bowl. Other reviews have said it’s quiet and not bothersome, but to me the beep is too high-pitched and I haven’t found a setting to turn it off, but not a huge deal.

    Other than that, the feeder is pretty convenient, lightweight but really low to the ground which I easily fixed with a little wooden “step stool” (it’s really small) off Amazon that lifts it just a bit higher. You set the clock and can dispense multiple meals at any time throughout the day, and the food container seems to hold a lot to last a while. Settings are pretty straightforward, like I said in the beginning, and the screen shows when a meal has been given, so overall it does its job making sure cats are fed so I don’t have to. I just wish the dispensing propellers were more cat-proof.

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  2. Tiana

    I bought this feeder at the end of January because I was about to leave for a week-long trip but couldn’t find a pet sitter every day so short notice for my cat. The feeder worked really well for what I needed, my boy didn’t starve and I was able to keep him on his normal schedule with the normal ringtone I use to indicate when it’s feeding time and it’s very easy to program, clean, and open up to put more food in.

    BUT, I did come across a few issues with this feeder. First off, the clock on it is ever so slightly off. I bought this feeder January 27th and have used it every day to feed my boy, but my girl gets fed out of a normal bowl. He’s the only one who stays behind when I go places because she gets 2x daily meds and therefore someone HAS to watch her every single day, so it just didn’t make sense to buy one for her yet. If I wasn’t constantly adjusting the time, it would be off by 10 minutes from what the time actually is. So, when my alarm on my phone goes off to feed my girl, my boy is running around confused on why his feeder isn’t going off/why he’s having to wait to eat a full minute or so after her. I would not of gotten this feeder just for this issue, quite frankly, because now I know this feeder will never be in sync with a second feeder unless I bought this exact feeder again.

    Second issue, THE TOP DOES NOT STAY ON WELL! It fits snuggly, but does not clip in, so for hungry/bored kitty paws, it’s no match. While I was gone, my cat gained 3lbs just because he learned how to knock over the feeder and open the top. I was very disappointed.

    Third, and this one wasn’t as big of a deal, but the recording device is really stupidly placed. Other’s have said this in their reviews, but I’ll say it too: who’s brilliant idea was it to place the recording button directly under the batteries that you have to push in place?!

    SO, if you have no need for a feeder with a precise clock, have a kitty that won’t be smart enough to pry open a non-clipping top, and either don’t need the recording aspect or don’t need to ever have it unplugged/use batteries, this is the feeder for you! It’s really not that bad of a feeder for general use, but I need something better. I’m likely going to end up giving mine to my mom for her cats.

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  3. Julie Kline

    I set the feeder for two meals. There is way more than our cat can eat with just one portion. I may change the setting to feed only once a day. Our cat really loves the feeder, it is easy to set up and has a nice bowl for our cat to eat out of. It is a good value for the money. I would buy it again, I just gave it a lower, rating for the portion sizes. I can work it out just fine by just having it feed her once a day.

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  4. Donna L

    This cat feeder is very reliable. You need to monitor it the first day or two for portion size so you can make adjustments. The cats hear the food drop and come running. The recording however comes out somewhat muffled. I recorded a few different times but each time the same result. If I’m sitting on the couch with the cats and it goes off, they just look at me as if to say ” we know that’s not you feeding us and giving us treats!’

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  5. Enedina

    This feeder has changed my life for the better!! I have two cats and two dogs I’m pregnant and it’s hard for me to keep up with everything!! This feeder has made my life so so so much easier!! I bought one for my younger male cat to test it out and I LOVE it !! I have no problems with it at all, it’s easy to use and I can now tell the time based off when the food gets dispensed!! I got another for my older cat and it has made a world of difference!! It is worth the money and I think by far the best feeder I’ve ever bought!! I’m considering even buying one for my small dog!!

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    Smart Automatic Cat Feeders – 6-L Reliable Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Display LCD Screen for Easy Set Up -Portion Control Automatic Dog…
    Smart Automatic Cat Feeders – 6-L Reliable Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Display LCD Screen for Easy Set Up -Portion Control Automatic Dog…


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