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SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post – Beige, Large 32 Inch Tower – Sisal Fiber, Simple Design – For All Cats



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  • DURABLE SISAL: A durable sisal fiber design ensures the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post will stand up to your cat’s claws, less snagging like carpet or furniture fabrics.
  • TALL AND STRONG: The sturdy design of the scratching tower allows kittens and cats of all sizes to fully stretch when they scratch.
  • GOODBYE CLAW MARKS: Satisfy your indoor cat’s natural urge to scratch and protect your furniture while your cat gets in their exercise and stress relief.
  • EASY SETUP: Assembly is a breeze with our simplistic design, requiring only 2 screws and two dowels to go from the box to your living room.
  • MODERN AND NEUTRAL: Our design is easy on the eyes and neutral color options allow your cat’s favorite activity to be placed seamlessly alongside your furniture.

Specification: SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post – Beige, Large 32 Inch Tower – Sisal Fiber, Simple Design – For All Cats

Item Weight

35.2 Ounces





Item model number


Date First Available

September 29, 2004

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

35 x 9.1 x 9 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

6.3 x 6.3 x 12.6 inches

Brand Name

Cat Post

Target Audience Keyword



Cats need a scratching post that will allow them to get a full stretch. This post is 32” high and is designed to maximize your cat’s scratching pleasure by providing an appealing target for territorial marking, exercise and natural cat exuberance.

Model Name

Scratching Post




16? x 16?



Age Range Description

All Life Stages

Care Instructions

Hand Wash

Number of Items




Breed Recommendation

Medium Breeds

Included Components

Pioneer Pet Smartcat The Ultimate Scratching Post, 2-Screws

Specific Uses for Product


5 reviews for SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post – Beige, Large 32 Inch Tower – Sisal Fiber, Simple Design – For All Cats

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  1. CJ

    This is my 2nd Smast Cat vertical scratcher. My old one, purchased 14 years ago, in 2010, for my cats, is still going strong, and my 15 year old Maggie still loves it and uses it daily! I have recently adopted 2 kittens, and I bought them their own…so I have one upstairs and one downstairs, both being used. This is extremely sturdy, (14 years and it has NOT FRAYED!) and my adult cats never knocked it over, even while they were fully stretched out against it! I do have some horizontal cardboard type scratchers, as well, to deflect them from using my carpets, and chair seats, but this attractive, sturdy, tall post is really their favorite. I bought it in the beige type color. As it has never frayed or gotten scraggly, it is not going to get ugly over time, as there’s do. I’ve had cats for 53 years and this is definitely the best and well worth the price. BTW, EASY PEASY TO PUT THE BASE ON, TOO!

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  2. CJ

    For the first time ever, our boy tried to scratch the corner of the leather soda in the front room. (He didn’t have a scratching post in that room) We decided we’d better get him something appropriate for him to scratch on in that room. (often the best solution to a scratching problem is just providing a preferable and acceptable alternative for their scratching desire) OMG…He LOVES this scratching post!! Literally minutes after I put it together and set it up for him, he immediately started scratching on it. This is a good-sized post at 32″ tall. Our cat is also a fairly-large boy. He’s long bodied and over15 lbs. As you can see in the photos, he’s able to reach up and stretch out on this the way cats really like to do. Even with his weight pulling on it, it’s very stable and doesn’t tip, wiggle or rock at all. Problem solved!! He loves it so much I think I may even get another one, to replace the somewhat-shorter one he has in the family room.

    As usual, I do a lot of reading of reviews prior to deciding-on and making online purchases. This post was highly rated but… I also saw some negative reviews claiming things like: a strong odor, no base for stability, the top being unsuitable for a cat to perch, a cat’s claws got stuck in the material, and the instruction sticker on the bottom that doesn’t come off easily. While everyone’s experiences and views are different, (and my intent is NOT to contradict anyone), here are my observations with regard to those concerns:

    As to the odor: Right out of the box, ours had no objectionable odor. I have a fairly sensitive sense of smell. While sisal (especially new sisal) sometimes does have a slight smell, (if you sniff it right up close), ours didn’t have any odor to speak of. I suspect that sisal rope/fabric that has been newly manufactured and sealed up is more likely to smell stronger than that which may have had more time to air out. I actually bought some sisal rope once for crafts that DID smell quite strongly, initially. While admittedly, I didn’t jam my nose against this scratching post and inhale deeply, this scratching post had no real odor that was noticeable, neither while assembling it, nor within even a few inches of it. We certainly can’t smell it in the room or anywhere close to it. Obviously as seen by the photos, it wasn’t in any way objectionable or off-putting to the cat either.

    As to not having a stable base: As you can clearly see in my photos, mine has a wide base making it very stable. You should note that the unassembled base DOES come in two halves (I assume for ease of shipping/packaging) that first need to be secured together by wooden dowels. The assembled base is then screwed onto the bottom of the post. The base is then very stable. If someone’s didn’t have a base, I’d imagine they just received one that was missing the base in the box (??) Like I said…my cat is a 15lb “moose” and he doesn’t even tip this. I did make an effort though to be sure to line up the holes correctly so the base would screw on securely.

    As to the top being unsuitable for a perch: No it isn’t, (and definitely not for our boy’s big-butt) but…I don’t believe the top alone was ever intended to be a perch “as is”. I believe they do sell a separate attachment that is a perch if you want one. I’d think it should also be fairly easy to make your own perch and attach it to the top if you want it to have one. We personally, only wanted it to be a scratching post. In our case, our cat has other places to “perch” that he prefers.

    As to a cat’s claws getting stuck in the sisal fabric: If this is happening, it is NOT the fault of a scratching post, regardless of the material; but rather the cat’s claws are way too long and sharp and it needs its claws trimmed. A cat that spends a lot of time outdoors may wear of and dull it’s claws but an indoor cat especially, will often need regular nail trimming to keep its claws at a proper length. People need to understand that scratching posts do not trim or dull your cat’s claws. Cats are not attempting to trim or “wear down” their claws by scratching. Cats actually scratch to sharpen them. In a wild/feral cat, this would be a good thing, as normal activities and “use” would tend to wear and dull the tips of the claws. Dull claws would not be ideal for defense, hunting, climbing etc. Therefore, a cat instinctively scratches to sharpen the tips of its claws that have been dulled by normal use. As the cat scratches, the outer layer of the claw is peeled and sloughs off, leaving a new, sharper tip underneath. (much like a sharpened pencil) Often in our domestic cats however; the tips aren’t worn down nearly as quickly as they grow out and are sharpened. Whether indoors or outdoors, cats don’t realize whether or not NEED to sharpen their claws. They just do it instinctively therefore they want something to scratch on. A scratching post in your home merely provides an acceptable place to scratch so that your cat doesn’t use your furniture and door frames, etc instead. Likewise, a scratching post does not take the place of regular claw trimming when needed. Overly long claws can unintentionally snag on carpets, furniture, clothing and people when a cat is running, playing or even just walking-on or cuddling with its humans. Snagging can cause paw injuries as can claws that grow and curve around and poke into toe pads. Overly sharp claws hurt YOU when your fur-baby climbs onto or jumps up onto your lap. If a cat’s claws are getting stuck in anything where it can’t get loose…then the claws are definitely too long and need to be trimmed.

    Finally, as to the sticker on the bottom of the base: While it may be true that if you attempt to peel it off, it leaves sticky adhesive behind…why even bother with peeling it off? I too started to try to peel it off. (more just out of force-of-habit than any other reason). I quickly realized it wouldn’t come off easily and decided there was no need or point in doing so. It’s on the bottom of the base. You can’t see it.It affects nothing. It’s easiest just to leave it alone. That said…if you just can’t stand knowing that darn sticker is on the bottom and you’re still dead-set on getting the sticker off, by all-means…you do you! There are adhesive and “gunk” removers (and sometimes even rubbing alcohol works) that should remove any residual sticky stuff.

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  3. LadyG

    Our cat LOVES this scratching post. So much that this is our 2nd post in the last 8 years, the same brand/company. The first one that lasted 8 years was heavily loved and the carpet was on it’s last leg, but it remained sturdy and never loose. We decided the quality was so good with the first one that we’d buy the same exact one and swap it out in the same spot of our house. The assembly takes less than five minutes. Our cat loves the height of it too, she’s able to fully stretch tall and use the post as an anchor. She sometimes will sit on top of it too. It is a little on the pricey side for a post, but if you want a sturdy post that will last for years to come get this one!

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  4. Amanda Guevara

    I adopted an approximately 2 year old cat 2 months ago from a rescue place. He is the sweetest boy but he was tearing my furniture up. If you knew me, you would know that is not even slightly gonna work for me. I didn’t know much about cats. By the time this scratching post got here, my kitchen counter was covered with double sided tape. I have blankets and towels on my sofa, loveseat and chair. Some days I just cried. I bought him a scratching post, scratching mats and some cardboard scratchers. He would lay across them but never scratched any of it. He just looked at me like he’d never seen any of these things before! I was not enjoying my experience at all. I finally read that if a cat touches a scratching post and it is not totally stable, they probably won’t use it again. This was news to me. I’d already spent a small fortune on all these things so I was really frustrated and really didn’t think this would be any different. As soon as you put it together you KNOW it’s different. No cat is going to move this thing. We sat it up and once again he just looked at it. About 4 hours later he walked over and started clawing his heart out. I started to cry. Lots of treats. And he still loves it. Its 4 days later. He even claws his way up to the top and sits on the perch when I put treats up there. I am soooo happy. Money well spent.

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  5. Sherrie

    After many decades of cats and cat scratch posts that fell apart quickly, this one is a keeper! It has sisal RUG instead of the cheapie rope that the cats shred quickly and I am guessing this is going to last a loooong time. It’s extremely sturdy, even a heavy duty chonk can’t knock it over (think Maine Coon) and it’s nicely tall so a big guy can get a good stretch in. It looks nice, too. It’s a bit pricey, but considering that you might replace 3-4 cheapies vs this once, it is a good value. My cats are sold on it, too.

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    SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post – Beige, Large 32 Inch Tower – Sisal Fiber, Simple Design – For All Cats
    SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post – Beige, Large 32 Inch Tower – Sisal Fiber, Simple Design – For All Cats


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